Winning and losing is part of the game.

We all prefer to win.

How do you win more often than you lose?

I don’t really know for sure, but here are some observations that may help you:

1.  Mindset is a critical component.  How you see and react to situations makes a difference.

2.  Win now, in this moment.  Make the better choice, that’s a win.  Think proactively about a potential negative circumstance, that’s a win.

3.  Small wins add up to bigger wins over time and with consistency.  

4.  Small hinges swing big doors.  Look for the small actions you can do to make a large impact.  

5.  Fundamentals and the foundation are the most important part of your pyramid…do not skimp here.  Many times they are all you need once you master them.

6.  Learn from other people and then do what works best and feels right to you.  This is your life and your win or loss.  

7.  If you don’t win, GOOD, figure out why and improve.  Without losing you cannot learn and grow.  Without loss, you cannot fully appreciate winning.  

Brett “Wins: 1.1 | Losses: 1.0” Denton