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Welcome to Kvell, where each workout is more than just exercise – it’s about building the best version of you. Here, we all strive, support and succeed together. Your fitness journey starts here.

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Join our community of 1,000+ goal achievers

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Join our community of 1,000+ goal achievers

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Kvell Fitness is Idaho’s highest and most-reviewed gym.






Years of Experience

Personalized Group Fitness

Your body is unique.
Your workouts should be, too.

At Kvell, our trainers understand that fitness is not one-size-fits-all. Every member of our community brings their own story — distinct fitness levels, backgrounds, and personal challenges. That’s why our coaching goes beyond generic workouts. We design and adapt our programs to align with your specific needs, because as your body evolves, so should your fitness plan. With us, expect a workout that grows with you, challenges you, and respects your individual journey. This personalized approach is the heart of what we do at Kvell.

Your Fitness Journey Starts Here

Kickstart Your Fitness Today with our
21-Day All-Inclusive Program. Just $49.

We don’t believe in overpriced memberships and hefty training packages – we make personalized fitness accessible to everyone

We’re confident that once you meet the Kvell crew and experience our workouts, you’ll see the difference for yourself! 

And after showing up and completing your 21-day journey, your fitness foundation will be set and ready to build on for lasting success.

But if that’s not enough, we’ve got one more incentive for you: 

We’ll pay you to workout with us.

(You read that right.) 

You’ll get a rebate on your training sessions every time you show up. It’s our confidence in what we do and our commitment to you.


Get to know our coaches, and they’ll get to know you. We’ll discuss your current fitness, your history, and your goals, and craft a plan to get you there, safely.


Let’s start training! Come in and workout 2-3 times per week, get adjusted to the program and get to know the people you are working out with. We’ll continue to refine and adjust your workouts to meet you where you are.


Turn your new daily actions into habits and watch your body and mind transform. Complete your first 21 days and lay the foundation for continued success with your new Kvell tribe.


Promotions vary by location. Check with your location for current offers.


Form the habits and set the foundation for your fitness success. It takes just 21 days and $49 to feel great, so let’s get started!


Promotions vary by location. Check with your location for current offers.

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Form the habits and set the foundation for your fitness success. It takes just 21 days and $49 to feel great, so let’s get started!

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Our FAQs 

But I’m not a “gym junkie”… and every other reason Kvell is for you.

At Kvell, we nip excuses in the bud! It’s typical to have doubts and hesitations when trying something new. That’s why our amazing coaches work to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We address all of your questions, we give you a reason to come in and stay accountable, and we cater our programming to you. 

When all of your excuses have been eliminated, the only thing left is RESULTS.

It’s been years since I’ve worked out, and I don’t feel confident that I know what I’m doing.

No worries! Gyms can be intimidating. Our coaches will guide you every step of the way to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in no time. We have level one movements to ensure you can start your journey right where you currently are.

Will I be really sore from the workouts?

Soreness is your body’s response to progressive training stimuli, and it’s often the most intense during the first several workouts or when you jump into something new full throttle.

To avoid being too sore we help you ease into our training program. We also focus on proper warm-ups, gradual progression, hydration, nutrition, rest days, and foam rolling. Adequate sleep and active recovery activities can also reduce soreness. Balancing intensity and recovery is essential for minimizing post-workout discomfort, and our program builds rest days in to ensure your success.

I’ve never been able to stick to a fitness or nutrition program before.

If you’ve never been able to follow a gym program before, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people face challenges when it comes to establishing a consistent gym routine.

With our 21-day Jumpstart, you’ll receive all the tools you need to begin your lifestyle change. Understand that it’s a process and it’s never too late to start! Our coaches are here to answer your questions and to keep you accountable during the early habit-forming stages.
Once you’ve completed our habit foundation program, you’ll be well on your way to making fitness a permanent part of your life!

We work tirelessly to help you build a community at Kvell so that you enjoy working out. Plus, we change the workouts just frequently enough to elicit a training response (get stronger, gain flexibility, etc.) without getting bored.

What can I expect for my first workout?

Once you arrive for class, you can expect a brief but thorough warmup as the coach welcomes the group and gears everyone up for the training session.

Expect a moderately-fast pace as you rotate through different stations, performing strength training exercises for a series of repetitions or time. Your coach will work the floor, checking form and providing exercise instruction, ensuring you are using the proper amount of weight or resistance, and keeping you motivated to push through the round. You’ll have breaks between movements to hydrate and prepare for the next exercise.
The workout will finish with a cooldown, a stretch, and a recap of the session.

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Coaches

We’re here to push you… and that’s because we care!

Our coaches are passionate about helping you experience the benefits of living the fitness lifestyle. And we know that it takes a good supportive push to get most people on that path. 

Our drive comes from our commitment to helping you, and you can trust that we always have your best interest at heart. 

Smart, progressive, injury-free training is our ethos.

Meet Brett, Our Founder

“I’ve been to many gyms and I’ve tried many workouts, and I always left feeling like something was missing. I wanted to establish a training environment and fitness program that was not only accessible to everyone, but provided a place where members felt included, valued, and catered to. 

After years of trial and error, I formed Kvell. Designed to help real people experience real results, I stand by my commitment to you and the Kvell community. 

We’ve seen thousands of transformations through the Kvell program, and we’re not slowing down. Come join us and be the next member of our amazing community!”

-Brett Denton, Kvell Fitness Founder and Coach

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Our Member’s Stories:

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The Kvell Community is Ready for You

$49 to a Better You.

Ready to Join Bonnie, Emily, Owen and the rest of the Kvell community by reclaiming your fitness, getting your energy back, and thriving like never before? We’re ready for you!

Let’s get you started today. 

Alec Anderson
Alec Anderson
Excellent workout with great instructions. Nick crushed it with this burner of a workout.
Fabulous experience! Professional, detailed, and a nice balance between hard work and quality work.
Jessica Tibbitts
Jessica Tibbitts
Holli was absolutely amazing! such a great studio with even better workouts!
Ryan Doyle
Ryan Doyle
The Personal Training at Kvell is 2nd to none. I appreciate how they take the time to get to know you and your goals and break it down into 6 week increments. This gives me time to learn a movement and then really work into it. I feel better at 51 than I did five years ago and have learned to trust that they won’t give me exercises that will lead to injury. Thank you Nik for taking me on this journey over the past 1.5 years.
Marina Fuller
Marina Fuller
holli was a great instructor! really enjoyed the class and holli helped make sure i was doing everything correctly
jamie mcclure
jamie mcclure
I have started my second week of Kvell at the new Haile location. I'm so excited about the class and the potential benefits. The instructors have been fantastic. They are very professional and I really appreciate the extra attention to mechanics and safety. It is also a lot of fun. Looking forward to the journey. Highly recommend.
Jason Kearns
Jason Kearns
I have been working with Coach Nik for a year now, he is very attentive to your goals and customizes individual workouts to meet them. During a recent injury Coach Nik modified the workouts to help the recovery process. Focusing on rehabilitation and strength training exercises, while easing back into full work loads. This is an amazing gym!
Carrie Miles
Carrie Miles
Kvell is the best, unique gym in Boise! It's a positive, supportive community and we all have similar goals in mind- fitness, strength training, cardio and nutrition. Kvell encompasses a "forever" healthy lifestyle in body and spirit. From group classes to personal training and supportive coaches, your goals are attainable! Nik, Kvell's personal trainer is awesome!!! He is excellent at incorporating your own personal goals into your individualized work out plan. His attention to detail, knowledge, observing your movement abilities and your objectives make for a fun, positive, successful training plan. Kvell is the place to be!!!!
Christopher P
Christopher P
10/12/2023 - Wanted to update this review. Still a huge fan of Kvell. This company continuously works to update and refine their programs. These aren't stale programs that are on replay. Every three weeks a new program is introduced with a specific purpose and goal that's designed to maximize your results. Every single instructor is fantastic! I make the drive from Meridian almost daily - it's that good! Excellent program. I've been going for a little over 2 years. I'm in my 50s and am probably in the best shape I've been in many years. Kvell makes it easy - You get a full body workout every week. If you want an efficient, effective exercise plan that focuses on the whole body then this is where you need to be.
Kvell is the best! I'm coming back from a rough season of injuries and other things and they have been awesome at easing me into things, altering workouts for my injuries, giving me new challenges as I need them. The coaches are all wonderful, the people are great. The environment is low pressure but high inspiration. You can be as social as you want to be (or totally do your own thing if you want). It's a great workout in a short time, I never get bored, there are lots of ways to adapt and either challenge yourself or take an easier day. Most of all I feel so much stronger, healthier, and happier because of Kvell.