Team Kvell


Are you looking for a team of dedicated fitness professionals who care about you and your goals with a burning passion?


You are in the right spot!

Our team members are highly trained and confident that they will deliver the results you desire. The most frequent feedback we receive about our team is…

“They care!”
We are a people-oriented company that cares about making a difference for every person that steps foot in a Kvell facility.

As a fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition company we have the awesome privilege to have a tremendous impact on the quality of other people’s lives. We never take this privilege for granted and are vigilant in its delivery. Our coaches and staff do what they do because they love to be a part in the growth and wellbeing of others. Our coaches have chosen Kvell because they align with Kvell’s mission and values.

The second thing we hear about our team from clients is…

“…they helped and pushed me to do more than I ever thought possible.”
We are a growth-oriented company in every aspect. We push ourselves to grow as people, as a team, as a business, and as a force for good. This drive and push for growth extends to our clients and it is one of the primary reasons that our clients can never find anything as powerful anywhere else. Personal growth is an addictive habit.

Our coaches and staff understand and live by the Hippocratic Oath:

“Do no harm.”
People come to us to get better, not worse. There is a fine line between pushing somebody to get better and injury. We are masters at straddling that line. Do no harm is a pillar of growth. As injury leads to decline.

The Kvell Dedicated Life Transforming Team
Check out each team member’s bio below to get to know more about them. If there is anything you need or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our team members.

Meet Brett!

Brett DentonBrett’s passion to extend the limits of human potential and to help people live a richer and fuller life is what drove him to found Kvell and set out on a mission to create the optimal fitness experience in the world. The idea of having a place where people come to grow and transform is what motivates him every day. He specializes in helping those who are strapped for time but want to take control of their body, health, and fitness…those who want to live an optimized high-performing life.


Meet Chelsie!

I received my undergraduate degree from Utah State in Exercise Science in 2001 and my graduate degree from ISU in Public Health in 2013. I got “my feet wet” in the industry prior to marriage and children in 2000. Taking for granted my lean physique, I never completely adopted consistency in healthy living. After the birth of my first child, post partum hit and my body struggled. Over the following 10 years I stayed home full-time, gained a substantial amount of fat and was diagnosed with an-auto-immune disorder. When I applied for a position with Kvell, I was literally my heaviest weight, equal to what I was 9 months pregnant. I was desperately praying for help and truly believe my employment at Kvell was divine intervention. I have lost 25 pounds of fat, re-gained a solid nutritional platform, learned a tremendous amount from Brett, and very much enjoy helping others regain health and balance on a daily basis. Kvell has changed my life and has re-set that way I view nutrition and health.

Version 2¬†Alyssa’s focus is to create the best quality of life possible with the tools at hand. Some days this means grabbing her sister and jumping in on a Kvell workout. Some days this means grabbing her rescue mutt and heading to the mountains to enjoy the outdoor playground that is Idaho. Some days this means grabbing her husband and setting out to explore foreign cities on faraway islands.