I’m going to level with you for a second.

Life sucks sometimes.

Life is unfair most of the time.

Life is challenging nearly every second.

AND life is better than the alternative as far as I know.

I mostly talk and write about success, achievement, and such.

The reason I focus on these topics is because they are like an infant.

They require vigilant attention, tireless work, sleepless nights, and reminders of how great they will be when they are all grown up.

Achieving most anything requires some amount of suck, sacrifice, self-restraint, and serendipity.

Working out hurts and is hard AND when done right will result in an improved quality of life.

Parenting is beyond frustrating and challenging in ways one would never imagine and is the ultimate achievement as a human.

Making it BIG takes a multitude of things to fall into place including being ready when your number is called, having your number called, and then delivering on the promised result.  

Bottom line:

Life is challenging for everybody no matter what it looks like from the outside looking in.

Nobody has it all figured out.

Some days and some things are going to suck.  

Once you are able to accept it the level of suck will diminish and lose its power over you.  

Keep up the good fight.  

You were given the gift of life which is not given to many.

Even though it sometimes sucks your life is a miracle.  

Brett “This Sucks” Denton