Uncertainty drives fear and scarcity.   

People hoard toilet paper, buy out the shelves in grocery stores, and all-but stone anybody who coughs or sneezes in public even if merely from looking at the sun or choking on water.  

We are experiencing a massive dose of uncertainty right now across multiple domains on a global scale.  This is a great time to learn about yourself and the world.  This is going to cause some level of lasting change at the individual, community, or global level.  We are already seeing shifts in certain industries and some of these shifts will stick.

I believe that situations like this force us to become better.  They force us to adapt and evolve as individuals, as groups, and as a species.  As devastating as the circumstances are when you look at them from an evolutionary standpoint they are necessary for the growth and sustainability of the species. 

In light of this, how can you use this time as a time for evolution and growth?  How can you be better prepared for this in the future when it will likely be worse?  How can you re-organize, re-think, and re-tool your life?  How can you help others and be better prepared to lend a helping hand in the future?

How can you get the most out of this trying time to either prevent hardship in the future or learn and grow from it now?

Focus on the things you can be certain about to reduce the fear and scarcity associated with uncertainty.  ​​