You probably look at yourself in the mirror every day.  The mirror shows you a physical reflection.  How often do you look at a reflection of your mental, emotional, and spiritual self?

How often do you review and reflect on your life?  Hopefully, daily, but my guess is you don’t even do it quarterly on purpose. Sure, you may accidentally find yourself in a reflective state, but few people do it on purpose on a schedule. 

Reflecting, reviewing, and planning your life is one of the most valuable things you can give yourself.  It will pay huge dividends in life value and often financial value.

Sit down with your thoughts at least weekly to reflect on where you are going, how far you have come, the steps you have taken, and the steps you still need to take.  You will not only get lost less often in life’s current, but you will also sail smoother towards your destination, and have more fun along the way.