When it comes to things we don’t want to do there are two categories.

Category 1: Things that add value to our lives

Example: Exercise

Category 2: Things that do not ultimately add value to our lives or help us achieve our major life goals

Example: Attending 100 children’s birthday parties per year (nothing against children or their parties, I just don’t want to attend them with the cake and noise and all, maybe I’m a terrible person)

I encourage you to lean into category 1 activities and ruthlessly eliminate category 2 activities.

Category 1 is where accomplishment, progress, and goal attainment is won. It starts with the battle in your mind to choose to go forth even when you don’t want to. It is these category 1 activities that separate the doers from the wishers.

Things like saving money when you want to spend it. Exercising when you want to relax. Running when you feel like walking.

Eliminating category 2 activities will free up time, physical, and mental energy to allow for more of category 1 activities.

If you are forcing yourself to or passively partaking in too many category 2 activities then you will run out of willpower and resources to do category 1 activities resulting in slower or non-existent goal achievement.

START doing more category 1 activities and STOP doing so many category 2 activities. You are simply trading up by eliminating one thing that you don’t want to do that is not helping you achieve your goals and replacing it with another thing you don’t want to do that will help you achieve your goals.

Next, we can work on becoming a sick freak that actually gets a weird satisfaction and dare I say enjoyment out of doing category 1 activities. Muhahaha!