I’m relentless with my learning and research.

I spend an absurd amount of resources on books, coaching, and learning opportunities.

My thirst for knowledge and a “better way” is unquenchable.  

Yet, learning does not lead to results.  

As one of my mentors puts it…

“If you aren’t implementing that which you learn then the learning is nothing more than mental masturbation.” 

One of the largest impediments to people getting results is too much looking and not enough working.

Too much trying to find the “secret” and not enough doing what they already know.

When we tell people how simple our nutrition program is they often refuse to believe us because they “know” it has to be more complex.  

Thus, instead of following it and getting results they try to find a more complex nutrition plan that will ultimately not work for them.

What’s the message here?

Stop looking and start doing.

Once you’re doing then you can start looking to improve upon that which is already working.

It does not work if you do it in reverse.  

Brett “He Said Masterbation (hehe)” Denton