The most common answer to “when do you want to start?” is…


No matter what day of the week the question is asked.

I get it.

People want to get their affairs in order, make sure their chakras are aligned, and their outfit is on point.

Okay, I don’t get it for those reasons, but I do get it because “Monday” is somewhere out there in the future with a defined date where they can have a “fresh” start.

As though something about Monday makes it a fresher start than any other day of the week.

Listen if you aren’t doing something then any time you start is a “fresh” start.

Anytime you start is the “defined date.”

Sometimes starting on Monday does make sense but most of the time starting at the earliest opportunity makes the most sense.

Let’s get started TODAY on something that we have been waiting to start on “Monday.”

Brett “Start Something” Denton