Gravity is a law.

If you want to live on Earth you must understand and work with it.

When you understand the rules you can learn to use them to your advantage.

This is what the Wright brothers did with gravity when they invented the airplane.

Everything we do in life is a game and every game has a set of its own rules.

We may not always like the rules, but if we want to play the game we must abide by them and accept them.

Tim Ferris, a best selling author, is one of the best in the world at knowing the rules and using them to his advantage.

He won a kickboxing championship without ever throwing a kick or a punch because he knew the rules.

You can be stifled by the rules of the game or you can accept them, learn them, and use them to your advantage.

Which do you think will have a better outcome?

There is little use in fighting the rule of gravity and there is tremendous use in learning to use it to your advantage.

It’s always your choice, of course, you can use the rules to your advantage or can fight them tooth and nail.

Brett “Rules to the Game” Denton