My phone keeps telling me I need to delete data or remove an app to make space for another app or download.

I have a habit of downloading something on my phone, forgetting it is there, and it eats up my phone memory (yes I know there is this thing called a cloud now).

Do I really need 30 books downloaded at once?

Do I really need such and such app that I used once, thought was cool, but haven’t used since?

Do I really need Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook camera?

No, no, and no.

I remember back to my first cell phone that could only store a few phone numbers.

I don’t know how I managed to get by!

Life is the same way, we tend to collect and keep things whether physical, mental, or emotional that are not really serving any useful purpose and are taking up valuable space.

These things tend to clog the wheels of forward progress and hold us back from downloading new more advanced and beneficial things.

If you truly reach a point of capacity where all of the things you have, are thinking about regularly, and doing constantly are serving a purpose then it is time to upgrade your “technology.”

The phone has been upgraded umpteen times and will continue to be just as you can do with your technology.

Figure out ways to rearrange, shrink, or be more efficient and effective in the things you do if you want to add more to your life.

Or again the simpler (not always easier) way to make room for new things is to get rid of the old things that are now relics and no longer serving you or serving you optimally.

Brett “Delete” Denton