There is A LOT of things in flux right now, but you already know that, no news there.  Most people are worried about their own situation and what they are going to do to make it, again this is normal, nothing new to see here either.  So, instead, let’s use this as an opportunity to SEE differently.  

I had LASIK many moons ago and went from waking up to a blurry world to waking up to clarity literally overnight.  I prefer clarity over blurriness any day of the week and twice on Sundays.  Unfortunately, most of life is blurry.  OR, maybe this is not so unfortunate after all.

The cool thing about life is we have this thing called our brain that can create the same result as LASIK did for my eyes, but instead for our world view.  The thing with vision is I will see the world as the world is, but when I am looking at the world in the context of my brain I can choose to “see” the world in the way I want to see it.

As a parent and coach, my job is to help others do things for themselves NOT to do things for them.  Let me repeat that, my job as a coach and parent is to help people DO THINGS FOR THEMSELVES not to do things for them.  Most of us want things done for us, but this robs us of growth and development.  If I carry my child everywhere they will get places but will never learn to walk and thus will be crippled for life.  

So, when you are looking at others not helping you or thinking the world is doing something to you or something just isn’t fair change your world view into thinking that it doesn’t “care” because it cares too much to impede your growth by helping you too much.  When life punches you in the face fight back because it is only trying to make you stronger.  

Life is what we make it and how we see it.

Choose your life.  No whining just doing.  No moaning just groaning from the effort put forth.  No blaming just taming the life in front of you.