Me: “Lachlan, what was your favorite part of today?”

Lachlan: “Going fishing with you.”

Me: “What was your least favorite part of today?”

Lachlan: “Going fishing.”

Me: “Why?”

Lachlan: “Because I didn’t get any fish.”

And that sums up most of life.

Whether you’re fishing for fish, a job, a spouse, more money, love, or good health you’re still fishing.

Nothing is guaranteed.

You must enjoy the fishing part first and foremost if you want to have a joyful life and take any “fish” you catch as a cherry on top.

Now, the better you get at choosing your bait, casting, knowing the right fishing holes, etc. the greater your chances of landing the “big ones”.

The person who fishes more generally catches more fish.

The person focused intently on becoming a better fisherman generally catches yet more fish.

The person who enjoys the process and gets lost in it generally catches the most fish and when they don’t they typically don’t mind because being so enthralled is a gift in itself.