This morning a couple of Kvellians told me of their brush with fate and it reminded me of how fast things can change.

They were driving merrily along and in an instant, the road conditions turned to icy slush causing them to lose control of their vehicle and torpedo into the side of a mountain at 80 miles per hour.

They thought for sure the car was going to roll and that would be the last of them and their precious family.

Fate was on their side this day and they ended up with a flat tire, bent rim, loads of adrenalin and deep thoughts about life.

They were in the middle of Montana in a snowstorm with a flat tire in an unfamiliar car.  

Typically a flat tire would be no big deal.  

However, this specific rental car had a locked compartment for the tools and spare tire.  (not to mention some maniac shot 4 people just outside of Missoula last month to add to the urgency)

What were they thinking not doing a thorough safety inspection and evaluation of the rental before taking off? (and not packing heat when traveling to the wilds of Montana)

Probably what most of us think in most situations in life and that is not thinking about what could go wrong.

This was a standard road trip.  

Rent the car, drive the car, return the car.

I’m sure you always do a thorough investigation of your rental car for things like how to access the tire jack and spare tire, but I never have. 

Life is fine until in an instant when it gets turned on its head.

Heart attacks happen in an instant.

Car accidents happen in an instant. 

Losing your job happens in an instant. 

But, all is not hopeless.

We can be better prepared for these life-altering events and even prevent many of them.

I maintain my fitness and health in an effort to prevent and handle as many of these events as possible.

I see nothing more powerful than a strong, fit, and healthy body in the prevention of and dealing with unforeseen circumstances. 

You must understand and always keep in mind that everything is fine until one day in an instant when it will not be.

Keeping this in mind at all times will help you better prepare and ultimately better able to handle whatever is thrown your way.

Prepare mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially now for the possibilities of the future.  

Oh and just so we’re on the same page all is not doom and gloom many of life’s life-altering events are positive…if we’re ready for them.  

Brett “Prepare Now” Denton