What is going on in the world right now is a bit nutty.  The grocery stores are running out of food, people are trapping themselves in their houses, and some of the keystones of our lives are being abandoned (March Madness, Coachella, Broadway, work meetings, going to work).  As a friend of mine said “crazy times”.

There is so much that is out of our immediate control in life in general and even more so now with this virus running rampant.  Always and especially now we must focus on controlling what we can control and accepting the rest.  Worry does us no good and in fact, can harm us if we do not act on the things we can act on.  Paranoia can be beneficial if it leads to smart and beneficial action to improve the situation and thus reducing the paranoia.  

Thus, focus on the things that you can do not the things you cannot control.  Taking action if nothing else will help to put your mind more at ease.  

Accepting the facts of what is and could happen with anything in life is a good base to live from.  Acceptance allows us to calm down and take each thing that happens in stride.  It is when we are surprised or refuse to accept the facts that get us into trouble.  The unknows are far scarier than the known, even if the known is made up. 

Stick together, control what you can, and let’s get through this together.