I love to ask the question “If you were to be cast in a movie what movie would it be and who would you play and why?”

If you want to get to know somebody better ask them this question.

I would play William Wallace in Braveheart because I believe in fighting for and leading people to FREEEEDDDDOOOMMMM!!!

I like to use this same idea when it comes to planning my year by setting a theme for the year.

Setting a theme for the year allows me to focus on a specific aspect across all areas of life.

For example, I could choose my theme to be Adventure in which case I would seek out adventure and make choices based on being adventurous.

Setting a theme provides a mental framework for my choices throughout the year.

Past themes for me include discipline, consistency, habits, and growth.

What will be your theme for 2020?

Brett “You’re The Star” Denton