Some days are better than others.

Remember this on the good days and the bad days. 

Our energy, mood, sleep, and hormones fluctuate on a daily…shoot…hourly basis.

I am a high-performance coach.

I study how to be high-performing, and yet I also have good days and bad days.

I have productive days and days where I can’t seem to get anything done. 

There are days I feel like conquering the world in the morning, and like the world defeated me by the afternoon.

Yet, I push on and SO MUST YOU.

Every minute you can hit the reset button. 

Ways to level up your performance and day:

– Listen to music
– Read/watch something inspirational/motivational
– Seek out others who have done what you are trying to do
– Journal about your goals, dreams, and vision
– Exercise
– Go for a walk in nature
– Meditate
– Take a 20-minute power nap
– Take one action that creates forward progress
– Take a cold shower
– Drink 16 ounces of water
– Put an ice-pack on the back of your neck
– Ask a friend to slap the funk out of you (My personal favorite…as the slapper, not the slappy of course)

If you are having a woe-is-me moment, don’t fret everybody has them. 

Our emotions and lives are like riding a wave. Sometimes we are surfing it, and other times it’s surfing us as the coral-encrusted seafloor shows us who’s boss. 

In both scenarios, we must focus on the task at hand, remain calm, and live to see another day.

In the end, they are all nothing more and nothing less than days.  It is our perception that makes them “good” or “bad.”