Photo by GoaShape on Unsplash


My life is busier, crazier, and scarier than it has been in a long time, likely ever.  Maybe, you are feeling a bit of this in your life as well.  The easiest thing to do is to let the fear, scarcity, and chaos suck you in.  It is easy to hole up, wilt, and die.

What is not easy is to stand and fight.  What is not easy is to think amongst the chaos.  What is not easy is to make tough choices that lead to casualties of dreams, hopes, and aspirations in the short term for long term viability.

Amongst the madness, the stress, and the fear there is one thing that I continually come back to and that is my health.  Am I healthy?  As long as I am healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically then I will live to fight another day no matter how bleak today may look.

You go bankrupt, but are you healthy?  If so, you can fight on!

You lose your job, but are you healthy?  If so, great, you can find a new one!

The list of travesties, slights, and despairs is endless, and yet as long as you are healthy and sound of mind, body, and spirit you can drive on.  If you are not healthy in all three realms and instead are fighting for your life in one of life then use the other two to hold up the third.

In good times and bad ask yourself and focus on the question, “Am I healthy?”