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The foreign content was written for The Lab: by Revolutionary Fitness.

From the young age of four, Brett Denton has been an athlete, and enjoy the idea of understanding how the body finds its peak level performance. He and his personal training Boise team of career coaches has dedicated their life to finding the answers to your health and fitness problems. After the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Boise State Broncos Denton equipped with his bachelors in exercise science and years of experience, decided that it was time for a system that focus on the individual’s physiology and biomechanics. Their system is created around the idea that every individual has specific needs, and when does are tailored and paid attention to you can find your level of perfect fitness. These individual details, coupled with Denton’s lab curriculum have found success with clients from all over.

The Lab: by Fitness Revolution is scientifically backed program that produces rapid body transformation. The program focuses on decreasing fat, increasing lean muscle and strength, and ensuring that you have the ability to improve your flexibility and mobility. The personal training Boise coaches are there with you in the facility for every step you take to finding the new you. Our coaches want to ensure that your progress is accurately and meticulously tracked as well as carefully executed through the you can make this into a lifestyle, and not just a fad workout. In as little as 2-30 minute sessions per week, you’re going to see changes in your energy, health, and overall well-being. The lab curriculum is designed so that every person has equal opportunity to start with a great foundation and work from there.

The lab curriculum is created from three different tiers of labs: Lab 101: Build a Solid Foundation, Lab 201: Becoming a Beast, Lab 301: LV to Freak of Nature. Each lab has multiple sessions within it, comprising of 30 to 45 minute sessions of short intense-period exercises. The Lab’s personal training Boise coaches will ensure that you have a strong foundation and lab 101, by teaching you technically sound and proficient ways to ensure that you can find long-term results. Lab 201 continues to build on that foundation, increasing your knowledge about product ranges of movement, have your load manipulation, and the ability to find greater work capacity in each session. Lab’s 301 however, is the lab for those athletes truly looking for the next level of fitness. While focusing on things such as the biomechanics nature of the human body and dialing in your diet to an intricate level.

Our program is a way of life, not just some fad workout that you see on TV. This lifestyle is a change in how you view health, exercise, and your well-being. Each one of our coaches is college-educated and has continued to be a career fitness coach to help others in their pursuit of lifelong health and fitness goals. These exercises are not randomly thrown together and designed only to make you sweat or simply hurt for days for no reason. Additionally, all of our approaches in the lab are scientifically backed and proven to work with all ranges individuals. The idea is to ensure that individual attention is paid to every person to find exactly what works for them.

If you like to schedule your free consultation today. Feel free to give us call at (208) 314-2110. If you like to stop by our training facility you can always find us at 814 West Jefferson St., Boise, ID. Online you can find our page at While there, feel free to look at some of our promotional videos success stories read like us on Facebook. Were excited to help you take that step to your next level of fitness, health, and well-being

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The following content was written for The Lab: by Fitness Revolution.

Are you looking for personal training Boise to improve your fitness, health or well-being? Finally, a system that looks at the individual needs. A system based on your personal physiology and natural environment. The Lab: by Fitness Revolution, has studied the body’s ability to perform at peak levels, and continues to help individuals find that level of fitness or health that there are looking for everyday. With a system that focuses on producing promising long-lasting results, you’ll find that making this your lifestyle is the easy way. No longer do you have to worry about some gimmick or a 90 day workout system, or even some odd machine that you can’t use.

So you’re finally tired of those gyroscopic or twisting machines, or maybe something with wires and electrical pads that promise. They are going to give you results, but all they do is zap  your abs for a few minutes. What about a program that scientifically designed for personal workouts that produce long-lasting results by focusing on your individual body in the natural environment that you live in every day? This is the focus for the Lab in the team of personal training Boise coaches here at Fitness Revolution. No longer do you have to do random exercises lumped together that only make you sweat and breathe hard for no reason. You cannot finally understand your health and weight your body functions in make it become the premier machine that you wanted to be.

Each one of her sessions ranges from 30 to 45 minutes compounds on the last session that you are taking or the last lab curriculum steps you had finished. Each one of our career fitness and college-educated coaches is in your corner at every step to ensure that you find the new you, you’re looking for with personal training Boise. With as little as 2-30 minute classes a week, you’re going to see a decrease in fact, increasing lean muscle and strength, and an improvement in mobility, athleticism, and a whole lot of flexibility. These are classes like CrossFit, Zumba, or even bootcamp, simply because they focus on the group and provide exercises that everybody can benefit from ever so slightly. The lab continues to focus on you as an individual, and find exactly the exercises you need to continue your growth as an individual.

To ensure that everyone’s on the same page when they start to have the opportunity to go through the Lab curriculum. Lab 101 focus is on building a solid foundation with 45 minute sessions. Lab 201 focus is on the ability to find the inner beast by focusing on 30 minute sessions of intense short-period exercises. Lab 301, is a stage specifically for sacrament athlete that wants to elevate to a Freak of Nature. Lab 301, is also an invitational only lab for those that are looking to press their physical and mental limits to the max.

Do you want to become a Freak of Nature? Hop online at and schedule your free consultation today. If you want to stop by, make sure to give us a call at (208) 314-2110. While online. Feel free to use our contact page. If you have any questions, comments want to know more about our Lab Curriculum. You can also find us on Facebook and through our YouTube channel. Remember never let your body be second in life.