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Meridian Gyms | Build tons of muscle

Meridian Gyms | Build tons of muscle

When it comes to fitness there are some things that you definitely want to make sure that you’re paying attention to and know today we’re going to cover the 10 most important things to know about fitness and a lot of these things apply to health in general as well. This is Brett Denton. I own gyms in Boise Idaho and in Meridian Idaho they are called Kvell fitness and nutrition. And if you’re ever in one of our areas once you come out to one of our Boise gyms or armory and gents. So the first thing that you want to understand about fitness health and really just about any goal that you’re trying to accomplish is consistency. Consistency is extremely important and is almost more important than anything else you could do if you’re consistently doing something that you’re going to have better results where people run into issues where they do something every once in a while. And this is what you’re going to see with yoyo diets. It’s going to see you with exercising. It’s what you going to see when people are trying to achieve a goal but they just don’t have any discipline. You see this over and over and over again with people who are trying to accomplish something they will be all in for a little while they’ll burn out and then they’ll do nothing and then they’ll be all in the burnout and they’ll do nothing. And this usually leads to them getting nowhere fast. But if you’re consistent. So if you start out with a smaller. Bite to chew and you do it every single day you’re going to eat your way through that elephant a lot faster than if you try to eat the elephant in one sitting. Right. So let’s make sure that we get consistent consistency is the key to everything else that we’re going to talk about. Consistency is the key for maintaining fitness for the long haul. Consistency is the absolute key. If you want to have. Results that are guaranteed when it comes to your fitness health and well-being the next thing is patience. And this kind of goes hand in hand with consistency. Right. And so you’re not going to have results overnight when it comes to your health and fitness. Meridian Gyms You might start feeling better after a few workouts or after starting to eat right but you’re not going to see much of a change in the mere. You’re not going to see much of a change in your body composition. And so you have to have patience and you’ve got to have a long term patience because these are habits actions and behaviors that you’ve been doing for a long time and because you’ve been doing for the world doing them for a long time your body is quite used to them and your body is quite used to the results that they produce. And so for long term results you have to have patience. And so you combine that patients with everyday consistent action and you’re going to see results. And when I talk about patients I’m not talking about a few weeks a few months or even a few years. You get to have patience for the rest of your life when it comes to health and fitness because it’s an ever going process and it’s a constant battle because your body is aging every single second of every single day. And so it’s a constant fight. And so you’re in a fight with nature right you’re fighting aging you’re working on an anti aging and if you’re already starting out behind the eight ball being out of shape then it’s even harder battle. Meridian Gyms And so you got to have patience and you’ve got to understand that without consistency and without patience you’re probably not going to get anywhere fast. You’re in a burnout. Meridian Gyms You’re going to get psychologically psyched out and you’re not going to have the result that you’re looking for either in the short term or in the long term. The third thing that you’ve got to think about is rest and recovery. All right. So if you’re not resting properly and you’re overworking your body eventually your body is going to say enough is enough and it’s either going to shut down on you by getting sick forcing you to sleep getting some kind of disease or illness or quite frankly just not producing anymore or not performing well. Right a lot of people come to the gym one of our boys in gyms and they’ll say you know I’m just not feeling it today. You know maybe you’re overstressed and your job maybe you’re overstressed and your life maybe you’re not sweeping sleeping well enough you know maybe you’re working out too much. So you’ve got to have rest and recovery. Meridian Gyms No rest of recovery does not mean you’re going to go out and party and drink and that that is the opposite of rest and recovery rest and recovery is

taking care of your body. You want to rest and recover it. GRANT So that’s doing things like sleeping getting soft tissue massage work done stretching gentle recovery type of yoga going on a vacation that’s a very low stress low hassle you know all of those things are recovery. So that’s what we talk about when we’re talking about rest and recovery. We’re not simply talking about just taking time from working out. All right. Now that could be a part of it but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. All right. You just have to recover and rest from your normal daily stresses. You know that’s really what it comes down to. If you’re recovering properly and you’re resting properly you’re taking a time out from whatever is stressing you on a daily or monthly basis and that could be workouts that could be work that could be deadlines could be all that stuff. It could be school year in school. So rest and recovery. All right. And then you got to talk about muscle memory when it comes to your fitness. Meridian Gyms The longer your training age is. So in other words the longer time that you’ve been working out the faster you’re going to be able to get in shape. When you’ve gotten out of shape. So for people that have been working out their entire life in some shape or another are going to be able to get into shape a lot faster than somebody who has never worked out before. And this is just simply muscle memory. You’ve trained your body to know what it’s like to be in shape. You’ve trained your body to be in shape and therefore when you start working out again your body can get back to that state in a much faster way. Right. It’s like learning how to ride a bike for the very first time versus knowing how the ride the bike you just haven’t written in a while. Right. You get back on and you might be a little bit rusty but you can learn it again a lot faster than somebody who is learning a brand new. And this is how the body works when it comes to our fitness. Right. So if you maintain a high level of fitness or if you’re training age is much longer than you’re going to be able to get in shape faster and you’re actually for most people going to maintain a more solid base or foundation of fitness and health in general. All right now that can definitely deteriorate and go away. And so we’ve got to make sure that we’re working out understand that every single workout you put in every time you eat healthy that’s all build that base that’s all build muscle memory. And so it’s very important to do. And the longer you do it the better off you’re going to be. Now one thing that comes into play that a lot of people seem to forget or they blame a lot of time is genetics. Meridian Gyms Now genetics do play a huge role. And there’s a new field called epigenetics which basically is how the environment and your actions influence your DNA and what comes out of that. So in other words what gets expressed. Right. And so you know cancer cells we all have them and so do they get expressed or not is a lot of the times a factor of our environment and our actions. And so that’s where kind of the epigenetics comes in. But when you talk about genetics you know you’re born a certain way. You look a certain way. You were a good athlete or you weren’t a good athlete. These are all genetic predispositions. Right. And so when we talk about genetics genetics play a large role and what you’re going to look like how fit you’re going to be able to be. In other words how good of an athlete you’re going to be in let’s say a long distance running. Right. Meridian Gyms Maybe you just don’t have the genetics to be a long distance runner but maybe you do have the genetics to be a world class sprinter. All right genetics play a role in that for sure. And so some people’s genetics simply have them at a higher level of fitness as their base than other people and that’s just something that you have to accept and the sooner you can accept that and the sooner that you can accept that the only thing that you could control is what you can control the better off you’re going to be. And so you have a starting point and that’s your starting point and then you just try and get better from there. You’re not trying to compete with anybody else. You’re not trying to be better than anybody else you’re simply trying to get yourself better every single day. And this is in every

single thing in life right. It could be in sport even if you’re in a competitive sport you just have to get yourself better and you getting yourself to your peak potential is then going to make you as good as you can be. And so then if you go out and you win then that’s great but it’s because you focused on you. You didn’t focus on beating everybody else. And that’s when it comes down to is you have to understand genetics are a big part of it. Genetics are a big part if you want to be a figure competitor or a bodybuilder or something at that elite level because you might not have the genetics to have the muscle definition that you’re going to need to compete in those events. And so you have to understand genetics and you have a limit on your genetics. All right. So genetics are a big thing there. OK. Next is nutrition nutrition is just as important to fitness as anything else. If you do not feed your body the proper foods you’re not going to be able to reach your peak levels of fitness. Plain and simple. Right. Your body has to have food. It has to have fuel has to have micro nutrients and has to have those vitamins has to have the things it needs in order to reach its peak potential and if it doesn’t you’re not ever going to reach the peak potential. Meridian Gyms And so you got to pay attention to nutrition. You’ve got to eat healthy unprocessed foods. You got to make sure that you are eating for your body type and what works best for you. And this could be a high protein diet could be carbohydrate diet could be a high fat diet doesn’t really matter you need to figure that out for yourself. But you have got to pay attention to nutrition. If you don’t pay attention to nutrition you will never reach your peak fitness or your peak level of performance. So nutrition is key and there can go hand in hand with that is your body fat. All right. So having excess body fat is never going to help people be more fit. It’s never going to help you in a sport unless it’s a sport where you just have to be heavy like sumo wrestling you know that obviously body fat excess body fat is going to be beneficial. Same thing with like football where you just need some extra padding and you need some extra weight then in that point that’s going to be a good option there. But when we’re talking about health and wellness and mobility and overall general fitness fat is never Fred. All right. [00:10:00] We want to make sure that we have a healthy amount of fat but it’s not excess fat and that almost always comes down to nutrition. Now is exercise going to help sure. My help here and there. It’s going to help you burn a little bit more calories because you can build some lean muscle. So it’s going to help. But it’s not going to do as much as your nutrition or your nutrition is really where you drop the fat and so focus more on the nutrition to drop the body fat so that you become healthier you become more athletic you become more mobile. It energy increases to all types of things are going to help when you start dropping body fat. No. Meridian Gyms There’s multiple different ways to train and there’s multiple different training modalities and there’s a bunch in different systems within the body to train. All right we can train strength we can train our cardio respiratory system. We can change our anaerobic power. We can train our aerobic power. You know there’s all these different types of ways to train in these different kind of systems that we need to train depending on what you want. Meridian Gyms Right. And so if you’re going to be an endurance runner do you need some strength. Yeah of course you need some strength and the stronger you can be to appoint the better you’re going to run but you also have to have some endurance and you also have to have a very strong cardiovascular system and so you want to train for that right now if you’re going to be a bodybuilder. You know you need to train to have as big a muscle as you can with as little fat as you can and so you’ve got to train that way. And so you’ve got to make sure that you’re using the correct system for the type of training that you want. All right. And then you’ve got to understand that in this kind of goes along with it there’s a specificity of training. And so in other words if you want to run further you got to run if you want to do more chin ups or pull ups you’ve got to simply do more chin ups and pull ups right. Especially true The more skill base the sport or the activity is that you want to do if you want to get better. Shooting a bow and arrow then you got to shoot a bone arrow

right. And the more you do with that the more you practice the better you gonna get at it. So you want a general level of physical fitness and then depending on the sport or the skill you need to start practicing that sport and that skill. All right and then lastly here when I go out progressive overload so progressive overload is an important lesson to learn. Your body is going to get stronger when you add a stimulus to it that it is not up to achieving. All right. Meridian Gyms And so as you push your body your body is then going to get stronger. It’s a progressive overload simply means we’re going to continue to progress the overload on the body so that the body continues to adapt to the new loads. Right. So let’s say you started out with five pounds on the movement. Great. You’re into five pounds for however many reps are going to do it your body you’re going to get stronger next time you come back you need to do maybe seven and a half pounds. Then the cycle repeats and then the maybe the next time you do it. Ten pounds. Right now the stronger you get and the longer you’ve been training the slower that progressive overload happens. At first the progressive overloads fairly fast and it’s fast for a few reasons. The first adaptation the body makes is simply getting all the muscles units to fire properly. So it’s a neuro muscular transformation. It was not actually a strength transformation although you’ll feel stronger. It’s just simply getting your muscles to twitch into fire and to move the load then after you go through that neuro muscular transformation then you start to actually build real strength. You start to build a little bit lean mass and you start to get strong and again the longer your training age gets and the stronger you get the slower those progressions are going to happen. Meridian Gyms And so you have to understand that and that’s very similar to when you’re trying to lose weight. All right so the closer you get to your goal or the more weight you lose or the leaner you get the slower you’re going to start losing weight or seeing fat loss results. And so the closer you get to your goal the slower everything goes. You have to understand that and there’s a bunch of different ways to skin a cat. Right and so your endurance training might be different than your friends and Dern’s training but they both might work just the same. Same with the strength work right there are bunch of different ways to train strength based. Meridian Gyms Is there a better one. Sure I’m sure there’s a better one but as long as you’re working hard it’s more important than the program that you’re doing working hard and having an attitude to get better is more important than any program you’re doing. And then if you have that down then you can start working on the program and modifying the program and making sure that the program is actually getting you what you want. All right again this is Brett Denton if you’re ever in the Boise area come out to one of our boys gyms we’d love to have you. And also that is the same for our Meridian gyms if you want to come out and get a great workout in we’d love to talk to you. We love to help you out.