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Kvell Is The Best Gym In Eagle | Because Of Our Floor

Kvell is the best gym in Eagle because of our floor. We have a great floor that helps you workout. Our floor is black and our floor is not concrete. The floor is not cold. You’re going to be able to sit on the floor and be positive that it’s a clean and sanitary floor. We do a lot of movement on our hands and knees so we want to make sure that the floors clean. We mop the floor every single day. A mop it after every session because we don’t want anyone to have germs on the floor. We also make sure that it is sanitized because we also don’t want to make sure there’s any germs on the floor because that wouldn’t be good either. To see more of what we do and why we do it then visit our website at www.kvellfit.com or give us a call at 208-863-8072.

Our floors are a special kind of floor for the gym. And our floor won’t hurt your knees. It’s not too hard so it doesn’t hurt you when you jump around. We’ll be doing a lot of movement on our hands and knees. And we also make sure that everyone changes their shoes before coming in. Recommend bringing a pair of indoor clean gym shoes that they haven’t worn outside. If you don’t have an extra pair then wipe off a pair with a wet paper towel and you’ll be good to go. When you wipe off a pair of the wet paper towels and it will get the access turned off and it won’t transfer to the floor. If you wear your shoes from the parking lot to indoors then you will have dirt on your shoes and it won’t be sanitary. You’ll be able to see all the dirt and you’ll be able to be positive when there’s no dirt on the floor that the floors clean.

Our floor is black so then we know where the dirt is as well. One knows where the dirt is so we can clean it. The coaches have a really strict checklist to make sure that we clean everything and sanitize everything after each session. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle because of our floor. Our floors are specifically designed for hiit workout movements. Hiit workout meaning you will be doing High interval training workouts. You will also be doing strength training and it won’t scratch when you put set a dumbbell on it. It won’t scratch and you won’t feel guilty about dropping a dumbbell. We don’t want you to drop dumbbells just because it’s loud and obnoxious but when you accidentally do you won’t feel guilty about it because it won’t scratch the floor.

The floors, like a rubber feeling. It feels kind of rubbery but it’s not bouncy. We use medicine ball sometimes and sometimes the medicine balls we do power medicine ball slams and we want to make sure that the ball can jump back at you. So you can pick it up. Ave good work out that way. And when we do that then you’ll be able to get a great workout and do Power Ball slams. We have a different Matt that we used to put on the floor when we do though so it’s a little bounce. But it bounces even when you don’t do that. When it bounces and you’ll be able to pick it up and slam it on the ground and when you slam it it will jump back at new. But it’s not too bouncy so I won’t hit you in the face. We had to hit someone in the face. But we don’t do that anymore. We learn from our mistakes.

We learn from our mistakes we don’t do that anymore so we just use the floor we use non squishy not. Sometimes we don’t use the floor because medicine balls slam. But the medicine ball will break. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle because of our floors because they’re black floors that show dirt. That means you come in your positive that there’s no dirt because we’re not hiding dirt from you. We clean the floors every single day and after every single session. We mopped the floors in me and vacuumed the floors as well. We have a Roomba going around every single day every single time there’s no sessions in place. When there’s no sessions then you are guaranteed to see a Roomba on the floor so you don’t have to see any extra hair or dirt hanging around. To get started, visit our website at www.kvellfit.com or give us a call at 208-863-8072.