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Boise Gyms | Results unlike anyone else

Boise Gyms | Results unlike anyone else

“I Never Believed I Could Be Fit.” Without the belief that you can do something and be something you are starting at a deficit. A Kvellian replied to my email asking for their goals with the following Objective. I want to drop 10% body fat from 36% to 26%. Challenges: Most recently, it’s been because I felt like I had no time. Boise Gyms I was taking classes full-time, working full-time, volunteering, mentoring freshman, and being a TA. However, more of a macro look at my health and fitness made me realize it’s because I never believed I could ever be fit, and the time excuse was me not wanting to face my fears. I’ve never been lean, Boise Gyms skinny, or fit. Even at my mental/emotional/physical rock bottom when I was flirting with an eating disorder and 115 pounds at 5’7″, I wasn’t fit. I was “skinny fat” if you will. I know that it’s all mental, and that I can be fit. I don’t have to be the slightly chunky girl, I can be a fit woman. Once I hit that mental learning curve I know I’ll be unstoppable, and I can feel that I’m near it thanks to Kvell! HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. It takes a belief that you can do, be, or have something otherwise you will find ways to fail. In fact, you will LOOK for ways to fail so you can say to yourself See, I told you I couldn’t You MUST rewire your brain to believe you can and trust me on this you can do about anything you put your mind to barring the ludicrous. Let me put it this way if other humans similar or worse off than you have done something you want to do than you have a chance. A chance backed by belief and consistent action will get you further along the path than anything else. Now, how do you create and manifest belief? 1. Write down all of your limiting beliefs. 2. Write down the opposite of your limiting beliefs. 3. Find people similar to you who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. (learn from them and root your belief in their success) 4. Create a visual representation of what it is you want to accomplish, preferably with you in it. An example of this for body image is to find a picture of a person’s body you want to be similar to (no models, unrealistic or touched up pictures). Boise Gyms Take that picture and overlay or photoshop your head and face on it. The more you look at it the more you believe it. Silly ONLY until it works! 5. Review daily to create belief by rewiring your brain. 6. Put the blinders on to anything outside of these beliefs and act with relentless fervor to prove the new vision of your self-true. (success is the surest path to building belief) 7. Understand, appreciate, and rectify the in congruency between where you currently are and where your new belief of you is. 8. Do this for no less than 12 months (YES, 12 MONTHS!) and you will be a new person mind, body, and spirit. That’s it 😉 (I didn’t say it was easy, I said it is absolutely doable.) Brett “Believe” Denton Your Not Going to Like This The more people I work with the more I think I should start all my coaching with “You’re probably not going to like this at first Lifestyle change is hard, difficult, frustrating, draining, and downright depressive at times. Going from eating scientifically designed foods that light up your addiction mechanisms and overexcite your taste buds to “bland” natural whole foods is not “fun.” Saving $100 per month and foregoing getting drinks with your friends, getting your nails done, etc. to build your wealth is not “fun.” Choosing to do an uncomfortable workout instead of going out with your friends is not “fun.”Doing things you’re not used to doing is generally not “fun.” The second part of the statement about not liking things is “however when you do it long enough and consistently enough you will live a fuller, healthier, and happier life. Secondly, you might actually start enjoying things like delayed gratification, personal growth, and the personal challenge of change.” I find that most people give up far too easy. Boise Gyms They try something for a second, don’t like it, don’t see immediate progress and throw in the towel. Lifestyle change is one of the most challenging things a person can do. The key words in the above sentence are “CAN DO.” You can do it, it’s just a matter of choice. Brett “You’re Not Going to Like This” Denton This Means WAR! No nuts seems to be the standard policy at most schools these days due to nut allergies. But don’t worry our children are allowed to consume sugar, sugary drinks, processed foods, and dairy until their little hearts are content or primed for heart disease.

Let’s pay no attention to the statement below as it can’t possibly apply to our children. The American Heart Association has for decades stressed that food is a major factor in preventing America’s No. 1 cause of death. And many studies have shown that Americans eat far too much meat, cheese, processed grains, sugar and salt. But, why don’t we eliminate nuts (a very healthy food for most) instead of these things that are killing people by the millions, that makes sense, right? Now, I don’t tread lightly on food allergies, but why are we not paying attention to the bigger issue? How about some statistics for the analytical types: – 150 to 200 people per year die from food allergies, 50 – 62% of these due to a PEANUT allergy (NOTE: NOT a NUT allergy) – 25,000 deaths are linked to sugary drinks (184,000 deaths worldwide) That’s impressive and that’s just sugary drinks, not sugar in general (the stats are more dire when all sugar is considered). Now, cigarettes must be worse, right? Cigarettes kill about 5 million people per year, not too shabby from a death toll perspective. Diseases that are linked to sugar consumption kill some 38 million people per year. (obesity, heart disease, diabetes) Umm? Boise Gyms Looks like a clear winner in the serial killer category by a sugar slide. Sugar has caused more deaths in the past 40 years than ALL wars! My child is not allowed to have a handful of almonds at school for lunch but little billy’s mom just brought a saucer of cupcakes piled high with frosting to celebrate a birthday…SERVE IT UP! Isn’t it about time we waged war on sugar? Brett “This Means War!” Denton It Takes Less Than You Think. My editor sent me an email this weekend urging me to complete the final edits of my book. I’d been putting this off for the past six-ish months dreading the amount of mental energy it would take. The thing is once I finally looked at it there wasn’t really much left to do. The book just needs a few tweaks and will be ready to send to the printer. We often work ourselves into a sweaty lather mentally, physically, and emotionally when the actual task is simple. Boise Gyms Telling ourselves whatever we need to, to prevent the completion of the task. A client mentioned a quote from sales trainer Grant Cardone the other day that fits here “Don’t give fear time.” Don’t give anything that is not worthy of your time, time. This includes procrastination, self-doubt, self-sabotage, gossip, what something may or may not be. The book I wrote is an accumulation of small steps. Losing weight, paying off debt, increasing net worth, getting stronger all are accomplished by accumulating small steps. Hemming and hawing are for amateurs and spectators…pros get on the field and play the game. Are you ready to turn pro? Brett “Go Pro” Denton “My Goal is Just Be Better” Unless you have a specific reason to achieve some specific goal one of the best goals (in my opinion) you can have is simply to get better. A client wrote her goal for 2018 was to “just be better.” I can’t agree more and this is something that many people fail to do. Defining what better is, is the next step in this process of being better.

This can be as simple as writing down where you stand right now in the areas you want to improve over the next 12 months. How much money do you have in savings? How much debt are you carrying? What do you weigh? How many push-ups can you do? What is your body fat percentage? If you’re not clear and have not recorded your starting point then it is impossible to know if you’re better in 12 months. Get real with yourself to determine exactly where you stand in the areas you will work to achieve “better.” Once you know your starting point it is simply a matter of focusing every day to be better than the last. Set appointments with yourself every month, quarter, six months, or at minimum yearly to reevaluate where you currently are and how it compares to your original starting point. Rinse and repeat. Brett “Be Better” Denton Bouncing Back Objective: Bouncing Back after having a baby The principles I cover will work for you when trying to get back at it no matter what the reason (although having a baby comes along with a few particular challenges). A Kvellian wrote: “My goal is to get back to where I was prior to pregnancy as far as my fit level. I would like to say I would like to also be back at my pre-pregnancy weight but I am still struggling with the body issues my postpartum body has given me. I feel like the only thing preventing me to achieve this is myself (self doubt) and lack of education and information of what nutrition I need as a breastfeeding mother. Boise Gyms I had great intentions while I was pregnant of coming back and hitting it hard. As this is my first child I am exhausted and lack energy and those expectations are not reasonable due to the fact that I am so low on energy and that leads to poor choices as far as nutrition goes. I feel I am successful as far as my attendance at the gym making it in 4-5 days a week.” I think many post-partum mothers relate to this and it’s totally normal. Boise Gyms The Game Plan 1. Go easy on yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. You are dealing with A LOT trying to figure out how to balance life Understand you just went through one of the most physiologically traumatic and challenging experiences a human can go through. You and your body are amazing, now you and your body deserve a little slack. 2. Start slow and listen to your body. Focus on getting movement in versus hitting personal best 3. Breastfeeding is designed to slowly, SLOWLY, decrease the fat stores (weight) you built up while pregnant. If you lose this weight too fast you are doing your baby a disservice. Think 6 – 12 months (about one pound per week) give or take to lose the “baby weight.” 4. Eat veggies (lots of them), protein, healthy fats, and some fruit. It wouldn’t hurt to supplement with omega-3 (fish oil or algae supplements) if you’re not eating fish 3 times per week. Eating whole foods will typically keep you satisfied and prevent overeating thus leading to healthy weight loss and breastmilk for baby. This is easier said than done when you’re running on empty in every category, but I didn’t say this would be an easy process. Stock up on healthy whole foods and get rid of processed foods. You need it to be as easy as possible or you will end up in a vicious cycle of poor eating. Enlist the help of your significant other as well as scheduling in time to plan and prep for the week. 5. Start with gentle movement like walking and yoga mixed with resistance training and ramp up as you gain back strength. Don’t attempt to jump in where you left off. Boise Gyms Walk daily. A 30-minute meditative walk will work magic for stress level and health. Do resistance training sessions two or more times per week depending on your schedule and energy levels. Again, be gentle with yourself by allowing your body time to heal and build back strength in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 6. Get sleep as much as you can whenever you can as this is one of the main, if not THE main, issues post-partum. 7. Drink 0.6 – 0.7 ounces of mineralized water per ounce of body weight. You can mineralize water simply by adding Himalayan sea salt in the ratio of 1/8 TEASPOON per 16 ounces. 8. Lastly, it is not a race. You have a new life on your hands and a new priority. Focus on improving every day instead of being perfect or hitting some randomly made up number. Your body will never be like it was pre-baby. This is neither positive nor negative it just is.

You have gone through a physiological maturation that has created a body capable of carrying and delivering a human. This required a transformation on a physiological level that is not possible to reverse 100%. You are a hero to the human race for creating a life where there was none before ensuring another generation. Brett “Mothers Are Magical” Denton To Nuke or Not to Nuke Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the political landscape when referring to “nuke.” I’m referring to the microwave mentality that is us. A Kvellian (thanks, Bekki) sent me an email this morning about her time as a camp counselor and the philosophies they would teach the kids. Boise Gyms These philosophies are golden and are not just for children. I’m going to share these priceless nuggets with you over the next few days. Philosophy One: Microwave Mentality Our collective culture and mentality is “faster = better.” Let’s go to summer camp, shall we “Everyone wants everything fast quick results, no waiting, instant satisfaction. Often when you make something in the microwave vs. the oven it comes out mushy, rubbery, frozen in some spots (scalding hot in others) and altogether less than your expectations. Where as if you practice patience and delayed gratification by using the oven you’re rewarded with a tasty satisfying meal. Even though the microwave is easier and more convenient it doesn’t always create the best end product. Sometimes the waiting and effort make the end result all the more enjoyable.” Other examples:Workout and eat correctly over time vs. meal replacement shakes, diets pills, and crazy diets. Living below your means and saving the extra vs. “get rich quick” schemes. Courting and dating vs. casual hookups and Tinder Now, in some areas microwaving is the best option so don’t go throwing the baby out with the bath water. Pay attention to what the end goal is to determine if the oven or microwave is the better tool. Brett “To Nuke or Not to Nuke?” Denton It Start With Monday When a Kvellian is struggling to make training sessions consistently I give them the following advice “Commit to two training sessions per week and make your first one Monday no matter what.” Here’s my logic behind this advice and why it works for training and just about anything else you’re working to adopt into your weekly routine. 1. Why two sessions per week? Two sessions per week will elicit adaptations in the body so that you’re not sore after every workout you begin seeing noticeable changes in strength and your body composition improves. Two sessions per week is doable for just about everybody. Boise Gyms Two sessions per week is something we can mentally grasp and may even say “it isn’t enough.” Good! We want new habits to seem almost too easy until we’re consistently doing them. If you get more than two, great, that’s a cherry on top, but if your goal is three and you consistently don’t hit three you will beat yourself up and eventually throw in the towel. You can do three after you’re consistently doing two. 2. Boise Gyms Why start on Monday? We have the largest reserve of willpower and determination Monday morning. As the day and week pass, this reserve dwindles until Friday all we want to do is eat ice cream and pizza while watching movies on the couch. Secondly, if we get one knocked out Monday we have 6 days left to get one more. One in the bag is better than one in front of you. This “trick” works for any new habit you want to adopt. 1. Find the minimum effective dose and set it as your objective. 2. Complete at least part of it as early in the week as possible. Brett “Do it Monday” Denton