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Boise Gyms | Remarkably Clean

Boise Gyms | Remarkably Clean

We do live in the desert It’s snowing like crazy today seemingly trying to make up for the lack of snow up to this point. A client said…”we do live in the desert” when talking about the lack of snow this year. This is a great reminder. Many times we expect to get something when it makes no sense to get that thing. It’s like going into a bear cave and hoping not to get mauled by the bear in said cave. It’s possible just not plausible. We hope to be rich without delivering a service people will pay us a lot of money for. We hope to lose weight while surrounding ourselves with unhealthy food and friends. Boise Gyms We expect more snow when we live in the desert! One of the fastest ways to enjoy more snow is to go to a place that is nearly guaranteed to have more snow. The same can be said for anything you want to enjoy more of. Brett “Surround Yourself With What You Desire” Denton It Ain’t About the Workout If you’re like most people you want to live a long healthy life look good naked and have a body that’s capable of doing the things you want to do with minimal pain. To get these things you have to pay attention to 161. The 161 hours per week (if you do some type of movement or exercise one hour per day) that you’re not exercising. Boise Gyms These hours include things like Are you eating whole foods in the proper amount? Are you moving your body throughout the day (getting 8,000+ steps) Are you sleeping at least 7 hours per 24 hour period? Are you handling stress in a healthy and productive way?

Being healthy will never be about your workout. When you take care of the 161 hours outside your workout time you can do almost anything for your workout and still be healthy (now being fit is a different matter entirely and specific to your goals). Are you taking care of your 161? Brett “161” Denton What Did You Say? Megan, an avid runner, had foot surgery making it unwise for her to run for a time. During her recovery, Boise Gyms she found herself appreciating what she once had (the ability to run) where she hadn’t appreciated it, at least entirely, before. This was a profound mental shift for her. When she was able to run again on the days she felt like staying in bed she used the language “I get to run.” This mental and linguistic shift is something you can use to your advantage as well. Many times it’s difficult to realize how good we have it until we don’t have it anymore. Here are few phrases to remind you of how good you have it and hopefully get you over the hump of not doing something. I can I will I have the opportunity I’m able I get That’s good I learned These phrases may be all you need to keep moving in the right direction. Brett “I Can Write!” Boise Gyms Denton Immediate Energy Boost Without Caffeine Think back to the last time you had something super sweet planned like vacation or date night something you were really looking forward to. How did you feel? Excited? Giddy? Full of energy? One of the best ways to boost your energy is to have something that excites you in the near future. When you have nothing to look forward to life can be draining and dull. We are hardwired to be working towards something.

When we’re working towards something especially something that excites us we have a never ending storehouse of energy. I’m sure you’ve heard about somebody who burned both ends of the candle to make their dream reality. This was not due to some superhuman strength they possessed it was due to their endless river of energy flowing from working towards something that excited them. Boise Gyms If you want to immediately boost your energy plan something in your day to be excited about. The cool thing about having something you’re excited about is that it boosts your energy in all areas of your life not just in the areas that move you closer to that specific thing. Being enthusiastic and excited is the healthiest and most readily accessible source of mental, physical, and emotional energy. Use this powerhouse of renewable and inexhaustible energy often. Brett “Get Pumped!” Denton “I Hate Burpees” As you can imagine I hear more than my fair share of griping and complaining. Sometimes in true jest and sometimes cloaked in jest. “I hate burpees,” being a prime example. I have done my fair share of griping and complaining I’ m no saint and am not standing on a soapbox. I got to thinking. What value does griping and complaining add to you or the world? Boise Gyms I can’t think of a single reason to gripe or complain. There are better ways to go about changing something you dislike. For example, when I played football at Boise State I initially disliked squats like the Wicked Witch of the West disliked water. I realized if I wanted to compete increasing my strength with squats was going to be a necessity.

Thus, whenever I wanted to complain about squats I did the exact opposite and got excited about them. Now, this was fake excitement at first, but the more I did it the more I enjoyed them until soon I was squatting 400 – 500 lbs. This works the opposite way as well. The words we use with yourself and others are potent and powerful. Choose to use words that empower instead of disempower. Boise Gyms Complaining, griping, and the like are all disempowering words and you’re giving your power to the thing you’re attacking. Take your power back by using your words wisely and strategically. If you dislike something you can. Change your mindset by changing your language. Change your outlook by seeing it as a means to an end of something that you want. Thus, something to get excited about like me and squats. Use affirmations and self-talk in the opposite direction of what you’re thinking. Don’t do it. My hypothesis is that if you never complain again your life will go on an exponentially increasing path of happiness and success.Brett “What’re You Complaining About” Denton