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How to Level Up in the New Year Yesterday, I spoke with a client who was ready to throw in the towel. Yesterday, was no different than the day before, and the day before that. Everyday, talk to somebody who is frustrated and impatient that the “program” isn’t “working” for them. Seth Godin (marketing genius) had this to say today on his blog “You might have noticed that the gym was a little less crowded this morning. It’s only four days into the new year and most well-intentioned resolutions have already faded. Of course they have. You can’t change an ingrained habit with just a few days of willpower. Boise Gyms We stay where we are, finding a level and a routine and protecting it. Change isn’t easy or everyone would do it. Finding more responsibility, making a bigger difference, following a new path–we need help and time to change those patterns.” I second, third, fourth, and fifth his statement. This is the exact reason all of our programs at Kvell are designed for weekly if not daily check-ins, accountability, and engagement.To get unstuck, out of reverse, or passed whatever level you are stuck on you have to put in consistent work, day after day. Mental work. Physical work. Emotional work. This means exercise every day. Hello, 10,000 steps per day. This means daily nutrition changes. Hello, food journaling. This means daily accountability. Boise Gyms Hello, weighing every morning, Facebook check-ins, and nightly emails to your coach. This means daily effort to make better choices than you did the day before. What I have seen over my 12+ years of helping thousands of people transform their lives is that the more a program makes people engage every day in change the more resistance they run into, the more they want to quit, and for the people that stick to the plan and don’t give up the better the results. Changing your habits, actions, and behaviors is NOT easy. It is simple, not easy. Find a plan and stick to it no matter what. Spend some amount of time every day working the plan. EVERY DAY. Don’t look up until you have completed the plan (as long as it is a proven plan of course). You will be pleasantly surprised by your new level and your new normal. Do yourself a favor and quit looking for the quick and easy fix or even the quick and hard fix. There is no honor in doing something hard for a short period and then falling back into old habits when the sprint is over. Boise Gyms This is why our challenges are dedicated to habit change, instead of just weight loss. This is why our programs are dedicated to your engagement with tracking your steps, food journaling, getting frequent body scans, getting your workouts in weekly, having frequent success strategy sessions with us, etc. Make 2017 different and level up, change gears, get unstuck, and get out of reverse by committing to following a plan for the long haul and refusing to get distracted with the newest fad! 3 Crucial Mistakes to Stop Making in the New Year 2016 was not the greatest year of my life from an achievement standpoint. Sometimes that is how life shakes out. Boise Gyms The good thing about the turning of the last digit of the year is that it gives people a sense of starting over. I made more mistakes and missteps in 2016 than I would like to admit to. I allowed my focus to blur and was easily distracted. I did not hit all of my goals and many of the ones I didn’t hit had to do with spending time with the people I love. Major fail in my book. In 2017, I have high hopes and big aspirations. No different than 2016. The three things I will STOP doing in 2017 in hopes to hit more of my goals are Stop trying to please everybody. I have tried this one before but to no avail. Pleasing everybody is a losing battle and a road that leads to nowhere except regret, mediocrity, and frustration. The recent Presidential election is a good reminder of this as was the last one. Nearly half of the people the president is serving did not vote for them. Trying to please everybody would not have gotten them elected, thus they would be serving nobody. Stop letting my brain be in control. My brain is designed to serve me. Many times in 2016 I found myself serving it. Boise Gyms I have to do a better job communicating with my brain and instructing it what to do. An example of this is getting out of bed early to get a jump-start on the day. The colder and darker it gets the more my brain tells me to stay in bed and “I can catch up later.” These are the times I need to be the one giving instruction to my brain and get up anyway. Stop waiting on others. I waited for other people to do things in 2016 that slowed, stalled, and prevented my progress. I will not use waiting on others as an excuse for not getting things done in 2017. There is always a way to get something done, even if that means finding somebody else who will do what needs done better and faster. What are you going to stop doing in 2017? Which of These Two Types of People Are You? People are always searching. Searching for a secret or a bit of knowledge that is going to magically help them. Help them lose weight. Help them make more money. Help them start a business. Help them [fill in the blank]. As most people are searching, they are also waiting. Waiting to start that business. Waiting to commit to a healthy nutrition and exercise plan. Waiting to start saving for retirement until after today…and tomorrow…and the next day. People are waiting for things to be just right. Boise Gyms People are waiting for it not to be hard, even though most people don’t know this is what they are waiting for. Are you one of these people? Or Are you the type of person who acts and commits to doing something no matter what? Are you the type of person that understands action not waiting is what moves you closer to your goals? Are you the type of person that knows there is no perfect time and if there were that time is now? Boise Gyms The only “secret” you need to accomplish your wildest dreams is commit and act. Commit and Act. Reevaluate your progress, adjust your plan of action. Commit and Act. Commit and Act. Repeat until success, delirium, or you find a more worthy goal. P.S. There is nothing wrong with gaining information and improving your knowledge.

The problem is the accumulation of knowledge without action. This accumulation of knowledge, programs, etc. in search of the “magic” one without action is the trap most people fall prey to. You Can Procrastinate Tomorrow We all procrastinate and I am probably one of the few success coaches that will tell you some procrastination is good, if you do it right and use it as a tool. Nearly everything supposedly good or bad can and should be used as a tool not as something to ignore. Procrastination is no different. I can’t even count how many times procrastination has helped me do something better or not do something that ultimately would have been a waste of time. Procrastination is often my friend. The goal is to use procrastination wisely. We are at the beginning of the year with 361 days to go…New Year resolution procrastination paradise. We have so much time to accomplish our goals…What’s the rush? HAHA! This is exactly why so few people accomplish their New Year’s resolutions or goals in general. Try this Reverse procrastination; you can always procrastinate tomorrow. 😉 Front load your year with accomplishments. Front load your month with action. Front load your week with tasks that will ensure you progress. Boise Gyms Front load your day by knocking out as many actions towards your primary goal as possible as early in the day as possible. By doing the work first and then procrastinating you will make tremendous progress and likely have more time to procrastinate less important things. First, the earlier it is in any cycle, the more energy, motivation, and self-discipline you have. This goes for a day, week, month, and year. Second, by getting work done that moves you closer to your goal you will feel less guilty in your time of procrastination or doing nothing because you have already moved closer to your goal. Third, by forcing yourself to procrastinate after you have finished something that moves you towards your goal you are creating a motivation system positive feedback loop. Doing this will ultimately wire you to never take a break or procrastinate until you have completed something that moves you closer to your goal. Besides, if you are a true professional procrastinator, you can procrastinate procrastinating until you are six feet under. Today, try a little reverse procrastination action. You can always procrastinate tomorrow. Boise Gyms Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere This past weekend the University of Washington played the University of Alabama and Ohio State University played Clemson University for the Division I college football semifinals. Ronda Rousey participated in a “comeback” fight after months to recover from the first major defeat of her career in hopes to get back to the top of the ultimate fighting rankings. In 2007 I played, or at least I stood on the sidelines, for Boise State as we beat the heavily favored Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. I have been humbled more times than I like to remember in my short life and I am sure there is much more humble time to be served. I have also been on the side of the one doing the humbling many times in my career, a much more enjoyable place to be. However, they are both necessary. Boise Gyms A quick question to think about, ponder, and percolate an answer for.”Why do we play the game?” This can serve as a metaphor for life or be literal in terms of an actual game. You may have a different answer, but I think we play the game because we never know the winner until the game is played. We never know the miracle that could be pulled out by the underdog until we give them the opportunity to show us. A prime example of this is the movie “Miracle” or the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. We never know how dominant a force the favorite team is until they demonstrate it with their play like Alabama dismantling the University of Washington this past weekend. The lesson that I am reminded of when watching events like Ronda Rousey be defeated is we are never too good not to lose, and we are never too far from beating the best. Never get complacent in your journey no matter how good you are and always know you have a chance when nobody else in the world may think you do. You are always in the running, and you are also always somebody’s target. Do You Know What You’re Chasing? Are your goals your own or something that society has thrust upon you? Do you know the things you really want and why you want them? A prime example of this is something I call the “Medical School Mirage.”The Medical School Mirage goes like this:”What are you going to school for?””I’m Pre-Med.””Great! We need more good doctors. What type of doctor do you want to be?”I’m not sure yet, but am leaning towards X.”Very cool. You’ll be a great doctor! Good luck!” This conversation is repeat over and over again. The pre-med student is treated as if they have already achieved their goal, thus satisfying their emotional need for acceptance and approval. Fast forward five or six years and the premed student is still getting ready to get ready to take the MCAT and apply for medical school. Still telling people they are going to apply for medical school. Thus, still getting “feel good” praise and premature celebration for being a doctor. Boise Gyms Prolonging the emotional need to go to medical school and become a doctor. Fast forward two more years, and their goal of becoming a doctor is becoming less and less likely until eventually, it is non-existant. Many potential doctors don’t want to be doctors to be great doctors. They want to be doctors because of the value that society attaches to being a doctor, the money, the fame, the feel good emotional responses, etc. The flip side of the Medical School Mirage is the people who want to be great doctors simply yet more profoundly because they want to be highly skilled doctors. There is a significant difference between wanting to be seen as something and actually being something. If you get stuck in the trap of wanting to be seen in some way you are almost guaranteed to take short cuts and never truly achieve the core skill or goal leaving you always feeling like a fake. Do you want to be seen as good or do you want to be good?

If you focus on the latter, you will be happier, more skilled, and immune to what other people think of you. Again “ambition means tying your happiness to what other people say or do…sanity means tying it to your own actions.” – Marcus Aurelius Of course, a frequent symptom of becoming good at something is that in the long run you will be seen as highly skilled 😉 Carrie, Alan, George…(Are you paying attention?) Carrie Fisher Princess Leia – 55 – Heart Attack, George Michael – Pop Star – 53 – possible heroin overdose Alan Thicke – Actor – 59 – Heart Attack Ricky Harris – Comedian – 54 – Heart Attack This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to famous people dying too young from preventable causes not to mention the thousands of people we never hear about. This is not meant to be morose. It’s meant to be a wake-up call. Preventable diseases are the leading cause of death. From looking at the list above, can you guess the number one cause of death? Boise Gyms Heart Disease Preventable disease includes heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, stroke, obesity, arthritis, respiratory disease, throat and mouth disease. Prevention of these diseases is largely due to lifestyle choices and habits. – Don’t smoke – Exercise at least 150 minutes per week, just walking daily for 30 minutes is effective – Eat whole, nutritious foods and reduce calories – Brush and floss your teeth daily – Manage your stress level effectively T-minus 5 Days I say this every year, and I’ll say it again this year. Where did 2016 go?! We are T-minus 5 days until 2017. It seems to older I get the faster the years go by. I have two questions today to get you thinking, acting, and growing. 1. What action did you NOT take in 2016 due to fear? Is this something you can act on today to ensure 2016 is a success or at least to get the ball rolling for 2017? 2. 3. 4. What action did you TAKE in 2016 out of fear? Is this something you can correct in the next five days? Fear is the number one limiting factor when it comes to your success and growth. Your life passes just as rapidly and transiently as the years. Death and a life not fully lived are the greatest motivators you have. Without death, you could procrastinate everything for eternity (granted some people do this anyway). Captain Obvious says, “You have a finite amount of time.” Let the fear of not accomplishing what you want outweigh the fear of anything that stands in your way. How to Be Successful in the New Year (2nd Ingredient) What happens to fish when you take them out of water They can’t breathe They flop around a lot at first, and if you leave them out long enough, they die. Boise Gyms This idea is the second most important thing to understand when pursuing any endeavor. You are the fish, and you must be purposeful in creating the cleanest, freshest, and most desirable water. The water is your environment. Your environment consists of your physical body, internal dialogue, physical surroundings, social relationships, media, and emotions. The cleaner you keep and maintain your water the easier and more natural it will be to achieve your goals. Like a fish, it’s hard, if not impossible, for you or your goals to live in an environment full of toxic waste, oil, and invasive predators (picture a pirana put into a bowl of gold fish). Depending on how resilient and adaptable you are you may be able to keep your goals alive for a time, but sooner or later the toxicity of the environment will overcome and kill your goals, hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Take a deep hard look at the environment you are surrounding yourself with and determine the things that are going to detract or stop you from achieving your goals in 2017. Relentlessly and with passion remove those toxins from your environment and replace them with people, media, and objects that are going to help you instead of hurt you in the pursuit of your goals. How to Be Successful in the New Year (1st Ingredient) WOW! We have covered a lot of ground in the last seven conversations on goals. I truly hope you have gained a bit of knowledge or a piece if wisdom that you have implemented to ensure you achieve your grandest goals. The three steps I’m going to cover over the next three emails are what I believe to be the magic that makes goals work every time. These are the three steps that are most often neglected and the reason that most people never achieve their most desired goals. These steps are the glue that holds the process together, the nitrous oxide to power through and accelerate, and the steroid injection to give you the edge you need to turn your goals into reality. Boise Gyms A quick review of the first six-goal setting and achieving steps. Step 1: Set a push goal to finish the year strong. Step 2: Review the past year for at least 10 things great that happened and at least 3 lessons you learned. Step 3: Start at the finish and work your way back to create your “treasure” map. Step 4: Make a conscious choice of what you will trade for the achievement of your goals. Step 5: The obstacle is your path. Step 6: Do something every day that moves you closer to your goal. Losers never quit and quitters never win.

This quote has been voiced by many of the greatest achievers ever to live including the great football coach Vince Lombardi. Once you have erased the choice of quitting from your lexicon you have no choice left but to find a way. You will likely have to reroute, pivot, and re-strategize many times on your journey. Modifications are expected. Boise Gyms Quitting, on the other hand, is not acceptable. If you are not ready to never say die to your goal, then set a different goal and find your reason why. Setting goals that you are dedicated to achieving “no matter what” is a cornerstone of said achievement. No more frivolous goals. No more goals you don’t really care about. No more half-baked goals. No more goals that are not really your goals. Similar to most things in life the simpler, the better. Simplify your goals and focus your energy on fewer larger and more impactful targets for great achievement and success. Today, pick one to three BIG goals to focus on in 2017. Goals that you will accomplish “no matter what.” One of my “no matter what” goals is to be a global leader in personal empowerment through the tools of fitness, nutrition, and mindset by creating the world’s best fitness experience and community. What are yours? Do This Every Day Goals are powerful. We are hard wired to work toward the achievement of a worthy objective. Working towards a worthy goal is what brings us fulfillment more so than the attainment of it. Here are five steps to setting and achieving goals. Step 1: Set a push goal to finish the year strong. Step 2: Review the past year for at least 10 things great that happened and at least 3 lessons you learned. Boise Gyms Step 3: Start at the finish and work your way back to create your “treasure” map. Step 4: Make a conscious choice of what you will trade for the achievement of your goals. Step 5: The obstacle is your path. Boise Gyms Step six Do something every day that moves you closer to your goal. In the words of the infamous Rick Ross. Everyday I’m hustlin’ hustlin’ Hustle, hustlin’ hustlin’ Hustle, hustlin’ hustlin’ Hustle, hustlin’ hustlin’ Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m, everyday I’m, everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m, everyday I’m, everyday I’m hustlin’ I actually dislike the recent bastardization and overuse of the word hustle, but I think you get the point from the example. You want to be calculated and purposeful with your actions. You want to make sure you’re doing something every day that moves you closer to your goals. This something does not need to be something big. In fact, the smaller it is, the more likely you are to do it because there will be less resistance mentally, physically, and emotionally. Inertia is a B. The easier you make it to overcome inertia the more likely you will overcome it. Common sense that is not so commonly practiced. Commit to one small action every day. Overcome inertia first, then you can commit to larger actions as you build momentum and speed. Some days this little action will turn into a bigger action and other days it will be all you can force yourself to do. The important part is doing it every day and building momentum towards the achievement of your goal. This method also builds resilience, willpower, discipline, self-confidence, new habits, and a whole host of other worthy characteristics. Don’t try and land on the moon every day or on your first attempt. Work to land on the moon with day after day consistency of building the habits necessary to do it safely without having to abort the mission. Boise Gyms Build “landing on the moon” into your life so when it happens it just seems like another day, like you have been here before. A great way to start this is by utilizing a free course by one of my mentors BJ Fogg called Tiny Habits. Go here to join the week long course on Tiny Habits for free.