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Best Gym in Eagle | Interested in Not Get Injured

Kvell is the best gym in Eagle to reduce the risk of injury. We make sure that you are not going to get injured, The coaches will help correct your form and reduce the risk of injury. We recommend everyone that start at level 1 movements so your tendons and ligaments will get strong. Tendons and ligaments get strong within 3 to 6 months, and the movements that are Level 2 and level 3 movements require your tendons and ligaments to be strong. A lot of our clients have never been to a gym before, so there tendons and ligaments are not strong. Muscles get stronger almost night almost overnight, but if your muscles are strong that doesn’t mean your tendons and ligaments are also strong. If you overwork your tendons and ligaments too soon, then you could get tendonitis which could leave you unable to work out for months at a time. We want to reduce that risk. Visit our website at www.kvellfit.com. Or give us a call at 208-863-8072 to learn more about us.

A lot of gyms in the area want you to go as hard as possible 24/7. We work in 3 week training phases so you get a recovery week and you get the challenge yourself each three weeks. We have put years and years of research behind this way of working out. We also have three different levels so everyone can work out the same time no matter what your Fitness level is. It will be a good workout for people that have never been to the gym before. It will be a good workout for people that have never left the gym. Our goal is to make sure that you go about your everyday activities better and in a healthier way. We want you to learn how to do a deadlift, so you can learn how to lift a heavy couch without injuring yourself outside of the gym.

We don’t have any mirrors in the facility. There is a reason why we don’t have any mirrors, it’s because we want you to learn what the Forum feels like rather than looks like. If you know what the form looks like and that’s the only way you rely on knowing if the form is correct then you will not be able to do those same movements outside of the gym. You don’t have mirrors around with you when you are lifting a couch. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle to not get injured. You will not have mirrors when you are doing everyday activities like keeping up with your grandchildren or skiing. That is why we want you to actually learn what the form feels like. That is another reason why we have three week training phases so you will see those same movements for 3 weeks. You’ll be able to learn the movements, then practice the movements, and then you’ll be able to challenge yourself with those movements.

You don’t have to come in every single Monday at the same time to get that same workout. Everything is cohesive, so you will see similar movements throughout the whole face. Every day of the week Monday through Saturday those movements on the board will be different. But Monday’s movements are Mondays movements, Tuesday’s movements are Tuesdays movements, Wednesday’s movements are Wednesday’s movements Etc. It doesn’t matter what time you come in on Monday, you will see the same movements on the board throughout the whole day. You will see those same movements on Monday through the rest of the three weeks. And that is where you get to learn and practice and challenge yourself with those movements.

Preventing injury is one of our biggest concerns. We have clients from all ages, and all Fitness levels. When we have clients of all ages and fitness levels, some people are more likely to get injured. We take extra time with them to make sure their form is correct to prevent injury. Some people are younger and can recover faster but we also want to make sure they don’t get injured because they are normally using Kvell as a offseason training for whatever sport they play. We have a lot of high schoolers that use Kvell during their off Seasons. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle because we have a lot of older people that use Kvell to ensure they can keep up with their grandkids or keep up with their kids. We also people that have goals like skiing more or hiking longer distances, and we can help them as well. To join Kvell today visit our website at www.kvellfit.com. Or give us a call at 208-863-8072 to get started.