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Best Gym in Eagle | Are Your Ready for Kids?

A lot of our clients bring in their kids. They bringing their kids so they can either hang out or they can work out. If your kid is 13 or older you can come into work out. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle for kids because it gives them the foundation of Fitness that they need throughout life. It would be so nice to learn this stuff at a young age. And that’s what Kvell is for. Once they have this in their head then they are going to be improved throughout life. They may not stick with us for very long just because they’re busy kids with school and sports and everything else but as long as they have that Foundation Fitness where they learn how to do the movements properly than they won’t get injured in the future. Kids are fun to work with. And the couch is not working with kids. Long as they are over 13 years old. The kids need to be coachable and that’s why we do 13 because that’s when they start to finally become coachable. Learn more about us visit our website at www.kvellfit.com or going to call at 208-314-2110 to get started today. 

Coaching kids may be difficult for some. But the coaches are really good at it and the coaches treat them like adults. A lot of kids that come here want to be treated like adults because they almost are adults. They could be teenagers coming in here and we can help them out with their form. If they have any sports that they could do it and we can help with they’re off-season. Lot of kids come in for their offseason because this is the best time to stay fit and keep their season going and make sure they come back even better than they were before. And they come back better than they were before then they think us because it was our problem and it was our solution.

A lot of adults bring up children in. This is we have a better fee for him and they get it for cheaper just because they’re kids. If they adult comes in and bring their child and that is totally fine. It’s fun. It’s a fun bonding way. It would be fun for you to bring your kid and this is how you would bond with them throughout the session. It’s also easier for the coaches if you have an adult with you because then the adult can help the kid as well. But we treat the kids like adults so they need to suck it up and learn to do it. This is a really good way to learn form and learn the foundation of Fitness. Kids may not know exactly what to do. But that is okay. Everything’s modifiable so if they are younger children we can modify the movements. But if they play sports than Kvell is the best place for them. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle for kids.

We are great for kids that play sports because this is great and all season. They are guaranteed not to hurt themselves and if they do then it probably was not from us. We they can stay fit and active while not hurting themselves and they can still go to a gym and learn the form so then when they go back to the gym for their Sport and when they go back to play plague then they will be even better. They’re going to shock all the coaches when they come back better than the left. That is the best feeling ever when you come back better than you left and that’s exactly what the kids will be feeling once you join. If you were a child then you might see a couple other children.

We have several children that come in. But mainly it’s adults. Don’t feel scared though the adults are really nice. But you were a child then expect more adults in the session. This is definitely a session-based adult class but kids can come in as well. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle If they’re just coming in and his waiver and they just want to come in for a couple times that’s fine too. We would love to see your family and we are a family oriented so if you have kids and bring them in so they can try at us as well. If you have a husband then bring him in and try this as well if you have a wife and bring it bring her in and try it out as well. To learn more about us visit our website at www.kvellfit.com or give us a call at 208-314-2110.