Today, we shut the doors to one of our gyms.  

As I left the facility after coaching my final training session, a few things ran through my mind…

– Is this the first loss of a losing battle?

– Will we re-open in this area?

– What will our clients do if they aren’t going to make the trek to another facility or utilize our virtual training options?

– Are there options that I missed?

– Is this the correct choice?

We invested a lot of resources into that facility, and to see it not make it is tragic.  

Yet, many terrible things happen in life.  Some people bounce back, and some just bounce.  Some things are bounce-back-able, and some are not.  

Only time will tell where we end up on this one.  The only thing I know for sure is that I can only do what I can do with the information I currently have.  

The question that I continually ask myself is, “what’re you going to do?” 

Not in the flippant, through-your-hands-up-shrug-your-shoulders sense, but in the NO REALLY, this thing is happening and NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Asking this forces me to come up with a solution instead of throwing in the towel, EVEN when that solution is throwing in the towel.  

I have asked myself this question repetitively and continually every day for the past several months.  I am still searching for the answer kind of like a cell phone searching for a signal.

When things happen, get in the habit of stopping and sincerely asking yourself…

“What am I going to do?”