“What should I eat to lose weight?”

“How many carbs should I be eating?”

The simple answer…

You should be eating food.  Real whole food.

If you want to lose weight, slightly reduce the amount of food you eat until you see weight loss.

If you want to gain muscle you will need to do some form of resistance training and maintain or exceed your current quantity of food intake.

Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

The worst combination of macronutrients in terms of weight gain and the inability to control portion size is food that combines fat, salt, and sugar(carbs).  

Oh hello, chips and movie style popcorn.  

You will not find this type of food in nature.  

How do you stay on track?

Start a food journal and start holding yourself accountable for what you eat.  

Brett “Real Food, Eat Real Food” Denton