Group Fitness Classes:

Group Exercise Group Fitness 1So, what does make for a good group fitness class? Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of group exercise right now so that we can determine what elements are needed in order to get the most out of your group exercise classes now. There are several elements that are needed in order to bring a group fitness class from good to great.

For one thing, a quality group fitness class will have a great playlist set up so that everyone can listen to the music while they work throughout the session. Here at Kvell, all of our group fitness classes are 45 minutes in length. That is plenty of time to listen to some good tunes while working through the predetermined workout routine.

Another particular element that makes for a great group fitness class is having a prepared workout routine set up so that all of the group participants can follow the workout along at the same rate and pace. With these prepared fitness routines, it is also important that each of the movements are scalable so that everyone has access to the same basic movement structure. This is easily accomplished by our professionals here at Kvell, where we have easier and harder versions of all of our movements that make up our group fitness sessions.


Fitness Instructors:

Group Exercise Group Fitness 2One of the other main elements that makes for a good fitness class is the instructor. The person leading the class sets the tone for the entire workout. The ideal fitness instructor has a ast knowledge of the physical moments that make up the group fitness session. That way, the instructor can help guide each and every member of the group exercise class in doing the exact movement that is best suited to them specifically. The fitness instructor can then make sure that everyone is on the same page as to what station they should be at during the workout. Another important aspect of a group fitness instructor’s contributions to the gym environment is that they can watch out for each person so there is less of a chance of anyone getting injured at the gym.
A quality fitness instructor will be able to help each and every person who works out in their group fitness class. This is made possible because of the trainers ability to watch so many different people do their workout at the same time. A fitness instructor’s ability to correct anyone who needs help with their workout routine at the right time is vital when it comes to having the best group fitness class experience. Here at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition, we make sure that every one of our fitness instructors has the training and tools needed in order to lead upbeat, productive, and safe group workout sessions so that everyone can get the most out of each of our 45 minute workout sessions.