Woohoo!  It’s Friday!   


For transformation coaches, Friday signals impending DOOM. 

Friday is the day that most of our clients start to let their proverbial hair down and unwind from the work week… 

Which is generally fine for work, BUT is not fine for body transformation. 

I’m sure this isn’t you, but maybe one of your friends has experienced this… 

During your structured work week, you keep on top of your healthy habits… 

The weekend hits like an atomic bomb.

All your healthy habits scatter like cockroaches in the light, nowhere to be found. 

Oh, alcoholic beverages, yes please, won’t affect my results, right? 

Dessert?  Okay, just this once…and this once…and this once 😉 

Buuuurgeeer?!  Friiieeees?!  BEEEEER?!  What are these magical things, I MUST put them in my face! 

But, again this is not you, right?   

You stick with your plan because YOU are going for transforming your body, mind, and life? 

Look, we all need to let our proverbial hair down every now and then…

(or you get to be like me and it starts falling out from being stretched so tight) 


Not anywhere near as much as most people do. 


Once your habits are in place they’re not as hard to maintain. 

Meaning you don’t have the urge to let your hair down as frequently because you don’t feel restrained. 

There are many ways to go about this, but the first is to realize where you are de-railing your progress. 

You can’t correct something if you don’t know what it is.   

Maybe it’s the weekends or maybe not, but you must diagnose the condition so that you can properly treat it.