I’m doing a time analysis of…well…my time.

Specifically how I spend my time when I am working.

Am I doing, delegating, deciding, designing, or surfing the internet for cat videos.   

Tracking is a pain in the…well let’s just say it isn’t the most enjoyable thing I can think of doing.

It takes time, it forces me to stop multiple times per day, it makes me think of what I have been doing…

Oh wait, it’s like having a personal coach with me every minute of the day.

Tracking like coaching holds me accountable.

Every time I track something in my life whether it be food, workouts, sleep, or time that thing I’m tracking “miraculously” improves.

We’re very good at just going through our day letting the wind take us wherever it pleases.

When you track something in your life it forces you to be accountable.  

Tracking forces you to think about what you’re doing and if it really is what you should be doing.

Tracking shows you in black and white how likely you are to achieve a goal.

If you want to achieve anything I recommend you spend the time and effort to track the actions that will result in its achievement. 

Use tracking to stay on track!

Time Log Entry: Write Shot in the Arm Email – 30 min

Brett “Master Tracker (not the furry type of tracking)” Denton