For most of us, today is just another Thursday.

We will wake up, do our thing, and go to bed.

No fanfare and no fuss.

Maintain the status quo. (there is nothing inherently wrong with this)

Further, most of us will do it on semi-auto pilot mode.

According to Charles DuHigg the author of “The Power of Habit” 40% – 45% of our what we do every day is a habit.

Nearly half of our life is simply a habitual program! (you may want to revisit your habits in the near future to ensure half your life is being lived the way you want to live it)

So, how do you make this Thursday, today, stand out?

How do you ensure today is not simply left to habit, the mundane, the status quo?

What will you do today to show somebody you love them that much more?

What will you do today to get a little more joy and excitement than you would by running on auto-pilot?

What can you do to make today exceptional?

We don’t need to change the world to have an exceptional day.  We simply need to shake things up, do things differently, move outside of the status quo.

It doesn’t have to be much, but why not do something special today to make today stand out amongst the rest?

Some ideas of things to do…

– Something that scares you
– Something that shows you care
– Something that you have been waiting to do
– Something that needs doing that you have been putting off
– Start a new book
– Get a special gift for a special someone
– Do something spontaneous
– Sign up for something you have never done

Our life is simply the sum of all of our days.

Why not make each day a little more special to make our life a little more special?

Brett “Another Thursday?” Denton