Three people walk into a bar.

Harry immediately walks up to the bartender and orders a beverage.  

Juliet stops just inside the door and appears to be taking it all in.

Hanz starts a conversation with a woman sitting by herself at the bar. 

As the night goes on…

Harry becomes exceedingly intoxicated and has to be first shut off and eventually thrown out for unruly behavior.

Juliet has been taking notes feverishly. She interviewed all of the staff and patrons about the bar on what they like, don’t like, and how it could be improved.

Hanz left shortly after arriving with the female he struck up a conversation with upon entering. 

Each person has different reasons for walking into the bar, a unique set of skills, and a specific mindset.  

Harry wanted to get drunk. 

Juliet wanted to learn the bar business.

Hanz wanted companionship.  

The bar is nothing but a tool to accomplish a result.  

The magic is rarely in the tool.  The magic is within you, and the skill you use to make the tool come to life.  You most likely have all of the tools you need to walk into a “bar” and live the exact life you desire, whether it be to get drunk, build a business, or find “love.”  There may be a few intoxicated patrons and conversationalist suitors getting in the way, distracting you from your mission, or maybe you are walking in with the wrong mindset.  

The bottom-line questions are:
– Are you getting the most out of the tools at hand
– Are you using the bar to it’s the most significant effect?
– Are you finding ways to work around and get past the distractions?

– Why are you in a bar thinking so deeply about life in the first place? 😉