I’m not sure there’s anything as simple and as powerful as the mighty checklist for getting things done.

Following a checklist does a few things…

1.  Ensures everything that was planned to get done gets done.

2.  Creates psychological momentum as items are checked off.

3.  Builds psychological tension that begs for completion.

4.  Reduces errors.

5.  Creates order and a linear path.

6.  Eliminates mental energy leaks from having to think about what is next or what is missing.   

7.  Provides a framework that can be assessed and improved upon over time.   

I create checklists for as many things as I can to keep myself on track. 

You can create checklists for daily reviews, daily actions, programming workouts, managing money, teaching, ad nauseam.  

I hope you are utilizing the power of checklists and if you are not I urge you to do so.

Atul Gawande wrote a great book called The Checklist Manifesto if you need a more convincing.   

Brett “Check!” Denton