The other day my children wanted to go to the park to play with a friend.  Typically, when I take them I also take our thirteen-year-old German Shorthair for a walk.  This is a good multi-tasking event for me.  

I am currently reading a book about raising boys and as you can imagine, much like yourself, I don’t have unlimited reading hours and my boys are not getting any younger thus found myself in a quandary.  

Do I:

A.  Stick with the script and take our dog with our boys to the park and miss out on playing with them and reading?

B.  Take my boys and play with them missing out on reading and walking our dog?

C.  Take my boys and read while they play without taking our dog?

Note: The book does not have an audio version that would have solved at least one issue. 

All options are correct and also missing something. I’m sure this type of situation never happens to you.  Life more often presents options of which we must choose which one is better than it does options that are black and white, right and wrong.  

The better you get at making a choice and running with it instead of being indecisive or constantly questioning if it was the right choice the less time you will be standing still and the more you will accomplish.  Furthermore, the better and faster you get at choosing the faster your life and opportunity will reveal itself because the only way to see the path ahead is to walk it.     

When it comes down to it there are just choices, not right ones or wrong ones, just ones.  Make them, deal with them, and keep moving forward.  Reveal as much of your life’s path as possible in the time you have left by walking it.