I’m going to give you the secret to overwhelming success and unlimited potential. 

DO NOT SKIP AHEAD, you sly fox you.

The best advice in the world is worth less than a pile of rotten rat dung if you’re not ready to receive it.

Are you ready to receive it?

Most people are not. 

If you’re ready you will achieve success after success and create a tsunami of momentum.

If you’re not ready you will brush it off as trivial or “do it later” and…

… stay stuck or rolling forward and back like a car stuck in a deep, muddy, sloppy rut. 

Drum roll, please…

Do everything you know you should be doing.

That’s it.

Do those things.

By doing those things you will gain momentum, confidence, and progress.

Through this discipline, the next steps will appear for you at the right times…again if you’re ready to receive them.

When they appear you simply do everything you know you should be doing, again, ad infinitum. 

Make a list right now…like LITERALLY RIGHT NOW…of everything you should be doing whether you are doing it or not.

Then figure out how to fit those things in your schedule by getting rid of everything that is not on this list. 

This one thing will transform your life.   

Brett “You Know What You Need to Know, for Right Now” Denton