I did a presentation for CBH Homes yesterday.

Just being around this group of people lifts your spirits.

They have fun!

I can be a stick in the mud sometimes and for no apparent reason!

I have to remind myself to have fun.

Sometimes this needs to be forced or contrived. 

We added a Designated High-Fiver to our training sessions to force this issue of having more fun.  

When people give high-fives it brings up the energy in the room, lifts spirits, creates community, and makes people smile…no matter how silly it may feel.

It is OKAY to be silly.

It is OKAY to have fun.

Lighten up.  Loosen up.  Liven’ UP!

When my wife is in a bad mood I lightly suggest she put a pencil horizontally between her teeth like a pirate.

This forces a smile which has been scientifically proven to lift your mood.

It’s faster and easier to alter your physiology to alter your mood than the other way around.

Stand up tall.


Give a high-five.

Brett “High-Fives All-Around” Denton