Getting things done.  Accomplishing stuff.  Succeeding.  

Do these two things and the rest will take care of itself.

First, start.

Second, finish.

On Starting:

Getting over inertia can be challenging IF you allow it to be, but you don’t have to allow it to be. Start as small as needed.  Take one tiny step in the right direction.  Once you get moving the steps gradually become easier, swifter, and cover more ground.  Once you are moving keep moving and focus on finishing.

On Finishing:

Do what you set out to do (even if the finish-line changes as you see more of the track).  You may not even finish first and that is okay!  In fact, most of the time most people don’t finish first.  There is only one person who can finish first, but almost everybody can finish the race.  YOU can finish the race if you so choose.  The caveat is you have to choose to and then you have to follow through on that choice. 

Start meet finish. ​​