Malcolm Gladwell is (in)famous for the 10,000-hour rule which simply states that it takes 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to master anything.

There has been much debate about the 10,000 hours being accurate which is beside the point.

The point is it takes reps to master anything.

Food cooked in a well seasoned well-used cast iron skillet will taste better than food cooked in a brand new skillet.

The skillet has reps.

I’m sure there’s a chemical explanation for this, but this phenomenon is true in other areas as well.

I can teach somebody everything I know about coaching from an intellectual standpoint, but they still will not be able to coach as well as me until they put in the reps.

Putting in the reps is where the seasoning comes.

Putting in the reps is where mastery is earned.

Putting in the reps is how you acquire the unseen skills and nuances that make the difference between good and great.

The only things I regret in my life are the times when I didn’t put in the reps.

The bottom line, to master anything it takes thousands of reps, hours of purposeful practice, and the proper building materials.

This last piece is part of the gripe that many people have with Malcolm Gladwell’s 10-hour rule.

Food cooked in a cast-iron skillet tastes different than food cooked in a Teflon pan because the foundation is different no matter how much the pans our seasoned.

You may not have the makings to be a professional athlete no matter how many hours you put into practice, but I guarantee there’s something you’re uniquely designed to be a master at.

Most people never find this thing, because most people stop searching and settle.

Most people settle for what’s convenient and easy.

Most people get to a point in life and think “it’s too late to start over”.

Most people are most people and there’s nothing wrong with what they choose to do with their life.

The question is are you most people?

Life is going to keep moving forward no matter what you do, life doesn’t care.  There’s only one person that needs to care and you look at them every day in the mirror.

Are you curious to find that thing you’re uniquely designed to master?

Well, let’s get to it then because we have reps to put in.

Brett “Put In Your REPS” Denton