If often takes a major event to cause a rethinking or retooling of how we do things.  The Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic at a time that we as a species have vast divisions.  Is this pandemic the universe’s way of making us come together?  The Earth’s way of helping us put our disagreements aside for a larger cause?  

Humans tend to find things to fight with each other about unless there is a bigger purpose or a larger threat.  We can go as far as hating each other for things that in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter.  We fight over politics, nutrition, race, and religion just to name a few when there are likely far bigger issues we could be working TOGETHER on and solving not in spite of our differences but because of our differences.  

It takes multiple points of view, ideas, and experiences to solve big issues.  Big issues are what we all should be spending the bulk of our time on.  Things like preserving our planet for future generations, ensuring sustainable food for eons, having a back-up plan for our species if we do in fact destroy Earth, and yes world peace.  

I believe that if we came together as a species to solve these large issues that impact all of us we would not only solve them but have a far more cohesive and peaceful existence.  

Something to think about as you are rethinking how you do life, buying excessive amounts of toilet paper, and being vigilant about knowing where the closest handwashing station is in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay safe, be nice to others, solve BIG problems with people different than you. ​​