Next time you find yourself saying you’re going to “restart” something I encourage you to take a minute to think deeply about why you’re needing to restart.

Why did you stop?

Why do you need to do this thing?

What is your burning desire to see it through?

What are you going to do differently this time based on your experience?

What forms of accountability can you put in place?

Generally, if something didn’t work for you in the past it is not going to work for you now or in the future unless some part of it is changed.

However, I see people do this time after time.

A client loses weight on a nutrition plan.

Time passes, motivation dwindles, and the client gains the weight back.

They get motivated again and go back to the same nutrition plan without changing a thing.

Guess what happens, THE SAME THING!  They lose weight as they did previously until they lose motivation and then they gain it back…weird how that works.

The plan worked for them but did not last.  They made progress by finding a program that got them a desired short term result but is missing something for long term success.

Progress for sure and yet there are still many iterations to go to get to a place of sustained results.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater either.   When you get even if small results, they are results nevertheless.  Use what worked and improve on it.

Improve it, tweak it, review it.

Every time we “restart” something we MUST work to improve the system.

If we don’t upgrade the system we will continue to get the same results.

Further, instead of thinking of it as restarting why not think along the lines of an improved version of the system and a continuation of the journey?

Brett “Version 1,717” Denton