Premier Personal Training Boise.

The following content was written for The Lab: by Fitness Revolution.

From playing in the Fiesta Bowl with the Boise State Broncos to graduating college with a bachelor’s in exercise science, Brett Denton is is designing the health and wellness dreams of many just like you. The personal training Boise team The Lab have long designed programs and sessions for individuals that are looking to maximize their peak physical performance. Denton has studied the body, exercise modalities, and diet nutrition, so that he can help others find their physical wellness and long-term health. This program emphasis is on the idea of making lifestyle changes. Not just performing a workout fad that produces no long-term results and wastes your time.

Have you been looking for a program that produces rapid body transformations by not only decreasing the fat percentage, but also by increasing your lean muscle while gaining strength? Our program does just that, while helping educate you in exercise physiology and biomechanics. While not just focusing on the physical side of it, you have things such as diet, injury prevention, and many more other subjects that we review so that you have a foundational knowledge on more than just lifting heavy stuff. With it, as little as 2-30 minute sessions each week it will be hard to not find the joy in being healthy. Our staff and personal training Boise offers top-of-the-line health solutions, no matter where your physical wellness stands.

After your individual assessment by one of our staff, you will find that your personal training Boise begins. Starting with the lab curriculum and lab 101, you will grow your base foundation to encompass a strong and sound technical knowledge. Lab 201 encourages you to find your inner beast, while building on an increased work capacity and broader ranges of movements. And just in case you want to elevate to a freak of nature. You can find through hard work and dedication an invite to Lab 301.

Our sessions are far from the average and you will find that we do on any CrossFit, Jazzercise, or Zumba wall. Our intense, but short sessions are designed to encourage quick fat loss in amazing increase of lean muscle and strength. Each coach will help you carefully executed meticulously track your success in each section of the lab. We are dedicated to producing those long-term results that you desire. Let are technically designed workouts focus on you and how you work in your natural environment.

If you like to schedule your free consultation today. Feel free to give us a call or visit us online. You can reach us at (208) 314-2110 or visit our webpage at If you questions, comments, feel free to use the contact us section of our home page, and reach out to us. While there you can also find more about us and some of the success stories that we been a part of. Finally a place you can call home

Incredible Personal Training Boise.

The following content was written for The Lab: by Fitness Revolution.

Are you looking for a team or personal touch to your health and wellness book can’t find that personal training Boise has offer? You’re in luck. The team here at The Lab: by Fitness Revolution has the fitness resolutions you been looking for. Finally, a program that focuses on the individual and not the group. Our team is ready to help you reach the limits of your physical and mental abilities, starting today!

Brett Denton and his team of college-educated career focused health and wellness coaches have provided personal training Boise in a way that’s never been seen before. Each program focuses on the individual, physiological needs of you. We focus on the idea that you should not let your body takes second place, and that if you lose your health, you have nothing. Each session is scientifically designed so that your workout in combination with knowledge, can produce long-lasting results. Finally, a program that is focused, organized, and cares more about you and your health than your wallet.

Starting with an individual assessment to ensure that your physical needs are being met and your goals are being achieved, you will begin our lab curriculum. Lab 101, and establishes a strong foundation that allows you grow into the next series of labs in sessions. The personal training Boise has two offer here at The Lab: by Fitness Revolution during Lab 201 will help any individual grow beyond their physical limits, like never before. Lab 301 is a standalone and invite only lab dedicated to those individuals that want to take their fitness lifestyle to the next level. This lab is designed to for anyone that’s looking to find that Freak of Nature level.

We’re not promising results in 30 minutes with just one session. Nor are we suggesting that this is an easy process that you can wade through. Through hard work and dedication. You will find that our system is for those looking to achieve long-term results. Our team is heavily focused on creating a safe and reliable place for you to chase your physical fitness and well-being goals. And let our science-backed process work for you.

If you have any questions for the staff at The Lab: by Fitness Revolution please feel free to reach us via phone or through our website, and even Facebook. Search our website at where you can find testimonies from our clients, information on our program, or even links to our If you’d like to talk to us feel free to give us a call at (208) 314-2110. We look forward to hearing from you soon and don’t forget to ask about your free consultation.