Questions have a mystical magical way of triggering the brain to think about things in new ways or different ways or bring attention to things that were not currently in your awareness.  Lately, I have been questioning as I am sure you have, a lot of things.

Over the next few days, I hope to arouse your awareness with simple questions that may turn out to be profound.

The Set-Up:
There is a fine line between growing and adapting to new ways of doing and being AND settling on new ways of doing and being.  Settling on new ways of doing and being is most often a result of not having the courage or grit to push through, stand up for what you believe, or simply because it is easier.

Settling sometimes works out and in many instances is probably the best option (I am not a full believer in the trope “how you do anything is how you do everything).  You have to reserve your grit, willpower, and resources for the things that really matter which means some things you will end up settling for, the things that are less important.  Settling on the less important and benign allows you to focus the bulk of your power on the important and malignant.

Our way of life is currently up in the air and there are things that I am sure you do not want to settle for and yet many people are getting lulled into settling.

What things are you willing to stand up and fight for and which things are you okay settling for?  Choose and act accordingly.