If you raise children at some point you’ll be confronted with the dutiful duty of cleaning up well…doody or the yellow stuff.

Either way, you don the cap of waste removal services.

(This goes for those of you who are “parenting” the furry type of children as well.) 

This is one of the BEST things that can ever happen to you!

Hear me out… 

1.  It’s humbling.  Is there anything more humbling than cleaning up excrement?

2.  When I’m on the floor cleaning away I’m reminded of how lucky I am to not have this as part of my day job.  

(BIG thank you to all of you who take care of our elderly, pets, children, and janitorial needs.  Our world would be a disgusting disaster without you.)

3.  While on the floor cleaning away I’m forced to see just how dirty this specific area of our house has gotten.  DIRTY…and this is in spite of the matter at and in hand. 

4.  After I have cleared, cleaned, and disinfected everything within a one-foot radius of the “biohazard” the area is far cleaner than it would have been had the situation not forced me to do so. 

5.  It allows me the opportunity to show how caring of a parent I am while reminding me…ahem…how caring of a parent I am.  

6.  It provides an opportunity to teach my children the rules of life and how to clean. 

7.  It’s GREAT practice for keeping my cool and looking at the bigger picture. 

8.  It raises the bar on the level of gross I can handle.  (I’m sure this will come in handy at some point in my life, right?)

The bottom line is there are a great many things that are far from pleasant in life.

You can either allow them to take your power and be an ugly imperfection on your otherwise perfectly imperfect masterpiece or you can use them to make your masterpiece all that more beautiful.  

You have the power to make anything in your life mean whatever you want it to mean.  

So next time you’re cleaning up a pile of excrement smile and think of the opportunity you have.

Brett “Waste Services” Denton