Can you remember a time when you did everything “just right” and things still didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and planned?  You worked so hard and yet the fruits of your labor were sour, rotten, sparse, or non-existent?

I cannot remember a time when things worked out exactly as I had planned.  Now, this is not always a bad thing and in fact most of the time it is a good thing even though at the moment it may not feel like it.  

Here is how I try to handle these situations and they happen on a nearly daily basis.

1.  Deal with the disappointment and accept it.

2.  Understand what I gained and if applicable what others gained/benefited from the process.

3.  Figure out what lesson(s) I can learn from it.

4.  Harness that frustration, anger, and disappointment into the next project.

Life rarely gives us exactly what we want and it can be frustrating dealing with that especially when we have worked so hard.  Regardless, being frustrated or disappointed changes nothing, but we can harness and focus that energy for good.  Some of the greatest disappointments of our species have lead to some of our greatest achievements.

Things rarely go as planned and if they do they won’t for long.  Accept that and use it to your advantage. 

You can only do what you can do and the universe will take care of the rest one way or another.  Keep doing, moving, and growing.