In this series, I am going to go over the habits most important to your quality and quantity of life.

When you adopt the habits I cover in this series your life will be on a new trajectory and improve exponentially.

BIG claim and true.

If you are already doing some of these habits GREAT and you can also do them just a little better.

If you are not doing ALL of these habits GREAT you have room for drastic improvements in your life.

Let’s get to habit #1: Healthy Exercise Habit

The most beneficial thing you can do to improve your quality and quantity of life is to have a healthy exercise habit.

Here are the stats.

– Obesity in the United States is approaching 50% and growing

– Americans sit on average 13 hours per day

– 80% of adults don’t get the recommended exercise according the CDC

The benefits of a healthy exercise habit outweigh ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else.

Dr. Robert H. Butler said, “If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine…”

He is not the only smart person to say something along those same lines.

If you don’t have a healthy exercise habit let’s get started.

If you do have a healthy exercise habit how can you make it better?

If you have an unhealthy exercise habit it can wreck your life just as much as not exercising and thus, let’s get to work fixing it.

Brett “Exercise Much?” Denton