Brett Denton’s Shot in the Arm

Boats create a wake as they motor along. Sometimes the wake is beneficial by creating a form of entertainment and other times the wake is obnoxious and even destructive.

I am not a boater in the common sense, but I am familiar with the wakes left by human vessels. You leave a wake not dissimilar to a boat. Your wake is often more visually challenging to see and has the power to leave a more indelible impact that ripples through eternity.

Are you aware and conscious of the wake you are leaving? My wife sent me an article “The first official Jewish transport to Auschwitz brought 999 young women. This is their story.” Hitler and his regime left a wake that continues to beat the boats against the dock. Michael Jordan created a wake that inspires athletes of all ages, genders, and sports to improve. Harriet Tubman, the famous conductor of the underground railroad, left a wake that will not soon be forgotten.

The list of famous and infamous wake-makers goes on, but what about the less famous? What about your mom or dad? What about your grandparents? WHAT ABOUT YOU?!

You are leaving a wake simply by being a human vessel. What type of wake are you leaving? Are you making people’s lives better or worse? Are you smiling and asking how people’s day is or are you brushing them off and not seeing them as another human on the ocean of life? Is your wake lifting other vessels or capsizing them?

Do you work to make a positive impact on the sea of humans or are you causing havoc, damage, and destruction leaving the other human vessels struggling to gain balance and purging water from their decks?

You have the power to shape your wake. You can add or reduce power to it. Determine how big or small it is. And make it beneficial or harmful. As you go through the ocean of life today I challenge you to be conscious of and take control of your wake.

Brett “Wake Builder” Denton