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Kvell offers individualized personal training, group training and nutrition coaching to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Our program is specifically designed for people who want to look better, feel better, and have more confidence in their body.  We are not a bodybuilding gym, Crossfit gym, boxing gym.
We are focused on helping people build fitness and good nutrition habits with sustainable actions for a long-term high-quality of life.

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Right GOAL

You must know what your goals are.  Without knowing what you are looking to achieve with personal training, you will not find the right personal training program. Personal trainers are similar to restaurants.  You won’t go to a burger joint if you feel like Chinese food.

Right Nutrition

Let’s get something straight, nutrition is the primary driver of weight loss and optimal health. Can you lose weight without changing your nutrition habits? Sure, but it takes an extraordinary amount of work to do so, and second, most people don’t have the time in their life to exercise that much.


Pole dancing is a challenging workout, and many gyms across the country are using it effectively.  However, do you want to do pole dancing as exercise, and will it help you achieve your specific goals?  There are dozens of fitness fads that come and go.  Some are great, and others don’t serve the ultimate purpose.  Ensure that the type of training you are signing up for is something you enjoy and will get you the desired results.



Personal Training

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Choose from either Personal Training or Group Training to reach your goal and stay fit.
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Personal Training

Hire a personal coach to get your goals accomplished! One of the benefits of 1 on 1 personal training is accountability. Having someone else involved in your training regime will increase your chances of achieving your own personal training goals.

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Group Coaching

Participating in a group exercise makes it possible for you to not only get help from an instructor, but you also get the advantage of being able to work out with your friends.

What Clients Are Saying

Client Testimonials

I had no idea of the impact that different foods have. I never knew my physical capabilities and had no clue to almost how to lose weight. For best results I recoommend Kvell Fitness in Boise. I just want to give Justin Wallace a huge thank you for pushing me to do more, encouraging me, and making these the best workouts I’ve ever done. If you haven’t attended Justin’s class you should give it a try.

I’ve lost around 35 pounds. My blood pressure is back to the days of old.  At first I thought this will be really tough, however the trainers helped in the journey and I achieved what I was looking for. Today marks  months I’ve been at Kvell, I’m one pound from my goal weight but I still have to conquer pull-ups! And I just bought a new bikini and I am so owning it!! Bring it on! Thank you!

Whoop whoop! I had my annual “Know Your Numbers” screening last weekend for work, and since my last screening I’m down 12 lbs, my waist is 3.5″ smaller and my fasting blood glucose level dropped by 12 points! The vast majority of this progress has happened since I started at Kvell in November – thank you for the motivation – I love the gradual and SUSTAINABLE learning and progress.
Heather H.

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