What is the value of a plan?


A good plan has the potential to shortcut our path to results.

However, it is not the plan that gets us there.

A plan by itself is useless without implementation, effort, and completion.

Let’s look at fitness and health.

There are millions of fitness plans and diets.

They all work, to some degree, when you carry them out them with the required effort to completion, 

Some work better than others, but almost all of them work. (with the exception of the utterly insane plan)

Most of us can’t stick to a plan long enough to see it to completion and reap the rewards.  

Simplify your life and achieve more faster by doing the following:

1.  Find a plan that you believe will guide you to the results you want.  (Belief is important here.  Without your belief in it, the plan and you will fail)

2. Put the necessary effort into it.  Do EVERYTHING the plan asks and requires of you.

3.  Finish the plan.  Don’t stop.  Keep going until done.