Iteration, as defined by Google, is a new version of a piece of computer hardware or software.

I often look at humans as operating systems.  Every day we wake up and can run the same iteration an improved iteration or a glitchy iteration.  Every day you have the opportunity to do something just a tiny bit better to improve your iteration.  

Think tiny!

With software iterations, great things can be accomplished with tiny snippets of code.  Stripe as an example revolutionized the payment processing industry with just seven lines of code.  Stripe if you are not familiar is the payment processing software behind most everything you buy and went from a start-up to a $35B valuation in 10 years.  

Iteration after iteration you can improve your human operating system.  Day after day and tiny improvement after tiny improvement you will become the person you wish to become.  

​​Use every day as a day to create a better iteration of YOU.​​